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Serving the Houston area, Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a maternity photographer offering connected, meaningful and romantic pregnancy portraits for expecting couples and mothers to be.

Preserving your pregnancy with authentic and meaningful maternity portraiture

Greetings, friends! Howdy to you! Today's blog post talks about how to create meaningful maternity portraits for your expecting clients. If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah Borchgrevink and I'm a Houston Photographer offering gorgeous, dynamic and lovely natural light pregnancy portraits. I adore working with couples, especially first time parents, because as a mother, I know how special this time is in your life. You're preparing to meet the greatest love: the unconditional bond you have with your child. From the moment you hear their heartbeat, or even see the positive pregnancy test, you're in love and cannot wait to meet baby! You envision their face, imagine who they'll look like, and cannot wait to hold them in your arms!

Before we begin, you may be interested in reading about the newborn collections I offer, too! These are a wonderful option once baby is here and most of my maternity clients choose to move forward with one of these collections. 

Sarah offers the following newborn collections consisting of high resolution, retouched digital files + a print release. These take place in the first 14 days of life. Click each link to see a sample gallery + more information on the newborn collection. The flat rate listed pays for time, talent, and your  high resolution digital gallery + released printing rights you may treasure forever.

This couple, for instance, ended up choosing the "petite" package, so you'll be seeing their baby boy on the blog in just a few short weeks. :-) 

Houston Maternity Photographer

The Importance of Pregnancy Portraits

Pregnancy portraits are a lovely option for new parents because this time is sacred! An outdoor and natural light maternity session is a beautiful way to honor and preserve your pregnancy while also celebrating your gorgeous baby bump! Through the use of radiant, natural light and breathtaking locations, I create dynamic yet meaningful photographs you're sure to treasure forever. You will never regret commissioning your portrait artist for these images. You'll fondly look back at the time in which you're expecting and remember feeling baby kicking and looking down at your belly, knowing you're carrying precious life. 

How to create meaningful portraits

In order to create meaningful pregnancy portraits, it's important for the photos to be timeless, classic and natural. These create a sense of validity, purpose, and significance. It's a time to connect with your spouse or partner and shows the love, commitment and bond you share. My favorite way to create dynamic images is to use an amazing location! When booking a maternity session, I have several options you may select from, all of which are located in the Greater Houston Area. They typically feature naturalistic elements, as this lends a softness to your images, but there are more urban options if you prefer the skyline or perhaps a trendy and hip location such as brick walls, busy streets, ect. 

Affordable Maternity Photography Houston

Naturally Pose & Encourage Connections

Taking beautiful maternity images has much more to do with how you interact with your clients than simply pushing a button on your camera. Part of connecting with your clients is creating stunning portraiture and I do this by naturally posing the parents to be and encouraging them to interact together. Sometimes they're a little unsure of the camera and that's okay! It's my job, as a Houston Maternity Photographer, to ensure they feel at ease. I do this by complimenting the client, showing them specifically what to do, and speaking to them throughout the entire session. I will reference exactly what I'd like them to do, but I will also take a step back and tell them to maybe think of their wedding day or how it will feel to meet baby for the first time. By being patient, you will create lovely images through authentic connections and natural poses in which no one looks stilted or awkward. 

Let there be light

Lighting is another important aspect when creating dynamic or meaningful maternity images because this sets the tone. All of my sessions exclusively take place at either sunrise or sunset, in a natural light setting, to ensure the photos are softly lit and exude a sense of warmth and peace. During the session, I place you where the light is typically lighting your from behind, or back-lit, and this makes sure your eyes are open. I don't like couples facing the sun because it's harsh and not very flattering. After all, these photos will be an important reminder of your motherhood journey so you should feel beautiful when you look back on them. :-) 

Houston Maternity & Newborn Photographers

Here are some of my favorite images from the rest of my time with this sweet couple! I hope you enjoy viewing more of their session. If you perhaps are expecting your own baby, I am currently booking for 2018 and onward; most maternity sessions take place when you are around 30-35 weeks along. This is when you have a cute baby bump, but are also comfortable enough to still walk and be posed. As a Houston mama, I can tell you I completely understand that pregnancy can seem daunting, but these photos will beautifully preserve this time for you. I have my own pregnancy portraits scheduled for just a few weeks from today so I am also looking forward to sharing these on my blog. :-) 

If you'd like to connect and schedule your own maternity session, feel free to get in touch. I'd love to work with you and chat about the maternity collection I offer, with digital files beginning at $550 + tax.

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Houston Maternity & Newborn Portraits

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Houston. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including North Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, Jersey Village, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, Willis, Montgomery, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, New Caney, Waller, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Pearland, Hempstead, Richmond, West University, Rice Village and Porter TX. Connect to chat with Sarah today! Please consider booking your session at your earliest convenience in order to secure your appointments on the calendar.

Here's Where Sarah's Studio Is Located


3 Adorable Ways to Wrap a Newborn Baby for Portraits | Zoya

Houston Newborn Photographer, Sarah Borchgrevink, offers stylish and unique newborn photography through the use of adorable, cozy wrapping. 

Welcome to the world, Zoya. 17 days new & breathtaking!

Good morning, friends! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend filled with fun, family and friends. That's never a bad way to spend your leisure! Today, however, I'm ready to work and am excited to share details about the wrapping that's oh so special to me. It's a cornerstone of my newborn portraiture work and I like to tell parents what they may expect. Before we get started, I invite you to take a little look at my Houston Newborn Portrait Studio. It's located near Barker Cypress/290 with easy access to all major highways such as the Northwest Freeway, i-99, and i-10. 

Style Number One: Potato Wrap

The first style of cozy newborn wrapping I implement with each and every session is called the potato wrap. This wrap is absolutely precious because baby is snug and sleeps wonderfully here. I spend about 10 minutes perfecting the wrap. Parents always marvel at how round baby is and looks like a little potato, ha! I always style baby with a custom headband, such as below, or an adorable hand knitted bonnet. These small pieces add a classic touch to your session without deterring from your portraits. Baby should always be the star. I like for their hands to show, too, since you spend about 9 months growing baby, ha! I also use a flokati rug with each session. They add much texture and variety to our time together. I have many different color options in studio.

Houston Newborn Photography by Sarah Borchgrevink

Style Number Two: Straight jacket 

The second wrapping style I implement is called straight jacket. While the name is a little bit serious, this simply means baby is wrapped with their arms close to their chest. This emulates the environment found in the womb. I typically pose baby on their back here so you may see the legs, face, sweet little fingers, and the light provides dynamic contours to their features. Part of what makes your session unique is the lighting, too. Aside from adorable wrapping, the light is dynamic and showcases baby in a stunning way. 

Custom Baby Portraiture Houston TX

All Tucked In

The "tucked in" pose is a major part of my wrapping workflow, too. Baby is already wrapped so perfectly, so this pose is a fun way to add another scene to your gallery. Babies love this because they feel safe; I make sure I pose them very carefully and always practice newborn safety techniques that I have learned through workshops and mentoring.

Houston Texas Newborn Portraits

Vintage & Rustic Inspire Floor Prop {My Favorite Bucket}

All of my prop shots, such as below, are built off of the wrapping. They're included in each and every single session, too. It's very important to me I be consistent in all that I do, so I follow the same flow for all of my collections. This also makes sure I stay on time and am able to work efficiently. When styling your prop shots, I like the tone to be organic, rustic and timeless. As always, baby should be the focus. 

Vintage Newborn Photography Houston Texas
Sarah Borchgrevink: Baby Portraits Houston TX

Style Number Three: Tootsie Wrap

Style number three is called tootsie wrap and, as I'm sure you may guess, this is because your baby's precious little toes are poking out. This is typically a favorite among new parents and they will ask what part of the session it will be showcased. This is always my third set up. I use a second floor props here. Like your first floor prop, it is usually an antique piece of something that's classic. The more simple your session is, the more timeless the final result will be. This session will forever preserve this incredibly special time in your life. I have three little ones myself, and am expecting number 4 later this year, so I can attest how much you'll love your custom portraits. Your baby deserves attention to detail.

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography
Cypress, Tomball & Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Precious Macro Details

While not a specific wrap, macro images always take place at some point during the wrapping process. Different wrapping styles lend for different macro images. Sometimes parents ask me, "What are macro shots?" This is because they may not be familiar with the term. Macro images take place throughout your session; these are the up close details such as lips, eyelashes, toes, hairlines, hands, their nose, etc. These are also the characteristics of your baby that are completely unique to their own little person. You spent months envisioning their sweet little face and these macro images will freeze time. This period is fleeting; the newborn time frame is generally 3 weeks or less. Before you know it, baby will be a tumbling, tyrannical toddler full of adventure and wonder. You will fondly remember these details. I am honored to capture these for you. Working with your baby is the utmost privilege and everyday, when I enter my studio, I feel such happiness knowing this is my job.

Located in Houston, Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Full Service Photography studio specializing in Houston Newborn Photography. In addition to breathtaking baby portraits, Sarah offers stylish natural light and outdoor family photography as well as maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah proudly serves the entire Houston area as well as North Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Rice Village, Waller, Memorial & West Houston, Jersey Village, Hempstead, Katy, Richmond and Humble TX. Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is ranked among the Best of Houston TX Newborn Photographers on the criteria of reputation, credibility, experience, availability, professionalism and engagement. Connect to schedule a studio tour.

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Rainbow Newborn Session in Houston TX | Emily

Sarah Borchgrevink is a premier newborn photographer serving the entire Houston area including Tomball Texas.

Here's What Emily's Sweet Parents had to say about their portraiture experience at Sarah's studio:

My family and I just got our newborn & family pictures done with Sarah and we were VERY impressed. She was so professional and gentle with our newborn and took beautiful shots of all of us. She was very friendly and made us feel very comfortable. I recommend her to anyone looking to get family or newborn pictures done!
Newborn Rainbow Photos Houston

What is a rainbow baby?

A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. ... A rainbow baby brings light but by no means replaces the angel baby.

Greetings, friends! Howdy to you! Thanks for stopping by to see this super sweet baby session featuring an adorable family. They came to my studio when baby girl, named Emily, was 9 days old.

For my time with this family, we focused on all things sweet and simple; as always, I use a plethora of gorgeous wrapping to reflect the womblike posing I adore. I also pulled many vintage props because they create a classic tone. I'm inspired by textiles, texture, and creating stunning art pieces of your most precious love: your brand new baby.

Tomball Newborn Photographer: Sarah Borchgrevink

Here are my favorite images of my time with Emily! She slept like a champ - this is a dream for a newborn photographer! All babies are different and some like to sleep more than others; however, I do provide you with a detailed prep guide so you're told how to ensure baby has a great session. The prep guide also tells you what will happen so you're never in the dark during your session. It's a privilege to document your baby so I want you to have a fun time. 

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Located in Houston, Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Full Service Photography studio specializing in Houston Newborn Photography. In addition to breathtaking baby portraits, Sarah offers stylish natural light and outdoor family photography as well as maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah proudly serves the entire Houston area as well as North Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Rice Village, Waller, Memorial & West Houston, Jersey Village, Hempstead, Katy, Richmond and Humble TX. Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is ranked among the Best of Houston TX Newborn Photographers on the criteria of reputation, credibility, experience, availability, professionalism and engagement. Connect to schedule a studio tour.