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Updated Studio Availability | Appointments Offered 7 Days Per Week

Flexible Scheduling for Houston Newborn, Baby, and Infant Portraiture

Hello! Welcome to the blog! Today’s blog post shares updated studio hours so you’re sure to have plenty of options for booking your little one’s professional photo shoot! One of the most popular parent questions is, “When do sessions take place?”

7 Day Per Week Availability

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography offers appointments seven days per week in the professional portrait studio. Studio hours include the following:

  • Monday - Friday from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

  • Saturday and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Easy Online Booking

To book an appointment, the process is simple and streamlined! Simply visit the scheduling page and select your package type, date, and time. All props and styling are provided for your session. Simply bring your diaper bag and baby!

What session types are offered?

The studio joyfully offers the following session types you may consider:

Transparent Pricing Guide with Zero Hidden Fees

Portrait packages include full-resolution, beautifully retouched images available for immediate download. There are no minimum print orders, separate session fees, or additional purchased to obtain your breathtaking gallery. They're yours to print, share online, send to loved ones, and treasure forever. Payment plans are available upon request. Visit the pricing page to see all packages and details.

Where is the studio located?

The photography studio is centrally located in Houston in Uptown. Inside the 610 loop, off San Felipe with easy access to all major freeways such as I-10, I-45, 59, I-610, Sam Houston Tollway, Hardy Toll Road, 288, and more!


Questions? Let’s chat!

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Breathtaking Backlit Photography for Timeless, Airy, and Dreamy Portraits

Ethereal Backlighting for Stunning Newborn and Family Sessions

Houston newborn photo studio

In my Houston Newborn, Baby, and Infant Portrait Studio you’ll find amazing lighting that makes for stunning images! One of my favorite ways to light my subjects is called “backlighting” which is simply a controlled technique in which a light is placed behind or at the proper angles to produce a separation between the subject and the background. The end result is heavenly and absolutely beautiful. These take place during each session and parents always select these during their proofing.

When booking your preferred portrait artist it is always a great idea to peruse their portfolio and see if the type of work they produce makes your heart sing. Each photographer has their own style and branding behind the images; for instance, at SBP, the heart of the styling, shooting, and editing is dreamy, rustic, and timeless. 30 years from now the images will not look dated and instead the images are all about the subject, interactions, and embracing the spirit of this momentous time in your life.

Preserving Family Bonds | Examples of Backlit

When you visit for your baby’s first professional photo shoot, we’ll cycle through several setups such as family, sibling, parents, dad with newborn, and mommy with the new baby, too! You may be interested in reading more about the family portion posing, too!

backlighting photography examples

You’ll be told what to wear to the session and even given a styling questionnaire to ensure your favorite colors make their way into our session. When photographing a new family from the backlit perspective, I love to see you in solid colors; neutrals are the most timeless and fantastic colors for this part of your session.

bright backlit photography

When using the all white, bright light the focus is interacting with one another. I may have Dad kiss Baby, Mom smile down at Baby, or perhaps have parents look into one another’s eyes and think about how much they love the new addition.

backlit photography with flash

We also focus on family bonds and incorporating the older sibling, too, if you have another little one. As a mama to four young kiddos, I can attest you’ll treasure this portion of your gallery!

backlighting photography studio

We’ll also take time to photograph each parent with your earthside cherub, too, and the white light will frame beautifully in any home decor.

using backlit photography in newborn photos
baby and family portrait studio Houston

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If you’re a fan of all things classic, timeless, rustic, and dreamy, I would love to provide you with cherished heirlooms of your precious family. I am currently booking due dates into October of 2019. Let’s chat and connect!

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The Magic of Froggy Position | Step by Step & How to Safely Pose

Located in Houston, Sarah Borchgrevink shares newborn posing tips on how to safely composite the popular & precious "froggy" pose.

Sarah is AMAZING! The time and care she takes setting up everything for the newborn session to be perfect is great. She was so patient and careful with our son like he was her own. You can tell she has so much fun doing her job and loves what she does. Dont waste your time calling other photographers, Sarah is the person to go to document you little one. What Sarah does is truly a gift! She is outstanding!!
— Deborah

Please note the following: This post is intended to show parents how we safely creating this classic newborn pose that is commonly requested. 

See Behind the scenes images of newborn posing in a studio atmosphere 

Greetings and welcome! Today's blog post topic is an overview on the popular froggy pose. This is the most requested pose by parents and one that I truly enjoy doing. There's something super sweet & special about baby's chubby cheeks being showcased and seeing their darling little tootsies! However, this pose is very advanced and requires special training.

Moreover, parents typically ask, "What do you mean by training?" Newborn safety and training, for instance, is mentoring and taking hands on workshops in which you learn how to safely handle and pose a newborn baby. While newborn photography should look effortless, as if baby posed themselves even, it is anything but. It requires much safety, skill and time.

As one of the best newborn photographers in Houston, I do pride myself on always being respectful of my most petite clients. Part of this is creating beautiful fine art images of brand new cherubs through the use of safety techniques. 

A few things to note:

  • Not every baby likes froggy pose. If baby resists, we move on.
  • This is best achived with a new baby who is 5-8 days new 
  • If baby is not flexible enough, we do not force this pose
  • This pose is ALWAYS a composite. 
  • Do not EVER try to do this on your own. It is not worth the risk of hurting a new baby.

What is a composite?

Froggy pose is always done as a composite. A composite image is when two or more images are merged together in post processing software, such as Photoshop. It's sort of like building an image: you take multiple photos in which baby is fully supported and then through the magic of editing, a beautiful image is created in which we're able to truly showcase the stunning aspects of a new baby. 

Hands on Baby at all times

Once baby is in a very deep sleep, I place baby on my bean bag. I ensure baby is completely supported through the use of posing beans, which are the must have safety tool for all photographers.

Tips to ensure baby is sleepy:

  • White noise machine playing (mimicking the sound of the womb)
  • Warm environment - typically around 77 - 80 degrees 
  • Lots of patience and soothing
  • Pacifier is a huge help

Step One: Hands supporting baby's chin from beneath

Baby Froggy Pose Photography
How to Pose Froggy in Newborn Photography

The baby you see here is Sebastian. He was very laid back and easy to work with; because he was also very new and flexible, we were able to quickly pose him into the froggy pose perfectly. As you can see, he is sleeping peacefully and my hand is holding him in place. At no point did I ever remove my hand from the baby. I took two images here. He is supported on my bean bag and then has posing beans beneath and behind him to ensure he does not slide forwards or backwards.

Step Two: Hands Supporting Head From Above

Houston Newborn Photographer

After baby is in a very deep sleep, I place my hand on his head from above. I am holding his weight and he is supported beneath through the posing beans I linked in an earlier paragraph (above). 

Merge your images in processing through photoshop composite

Newborn Photography Houston
Newborn Safety & Posing

Switch up the angles for more interest

When working with a newborn baby, it's fun to do a profile angle of baby during froggy. If they're very laid back, I am often able to  do more than one angle, such as straight on or side view. I like side view, however, because it shows off baby's face better and is more interesting, in my opinion. However, I do like front on, too, and this is the preference of most parents so I include both if possible. 

Check out other recent froggy poses that I've done in studio.

Houston Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photography Houston
Newborn Photographer Houston TX
Houston Baby Photographer
Newborn Photography The Woodlands TX
Newborn Photography Spring TX

Thanks for stopping by the blog to read how to safely pose a newborn baby in the perfectly precious froggy pose! I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about the magic of Photoshop and how we achieve these fine art looks! While froggy is a stunning image and makes for gorgeous portrait of your baby, please remember this is an advanced pose and should never be attempted without taking a workshop and hands on training. Parents: also remember this looks easy when you see behind the scenes photos, but it's not anything you should attempt at home. Do not ever risk your baby's safety for a DIY photo shoot. Always trust professionals like myself! :-) 

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Specializing in posed baby portraits, Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer serving the surrounding areas including Houston metro area, Cypress, Katy, Spring, The Heights, Sugar Land, West University, Bellaire, and The Woodlands, TX. In addition to breathtaking newborn images, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting couples.