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Houston Family & Maternity Photography Locations | Client List

Houston TX Family & Maternity Photographer | Location List for Sarah Borchgrevink Photography

This is a list for clients to see the locations I use. Please note the exact address is not given until you have signed your contract and paid your non-refundable retainer to secure your spot on the calendar. Once this occurs, you may then select your location from this list and I send over the address. 

Location 1: Open field

  • Available for evening sessions

  • Looks great for both maternity or family photos

  • No travel fee

  • Located in NW Houston Texas

Houston TX Family Photographer | Sarah Borchgrevink

See a sample sunset family session in this location featuring older kids

See a sample sunset family portrait session showcasing young family of three

Location 2: Waterfall (currently available to Townelake residents only)

At this time, as of August 2018, the waterfall location is available to Townelakes residents only; too many photographers have disrespected the location by leaving trash and not taking care of the property. 

  • Ideal for maternity sessions

  • Evening only

  • Available M-F due to popularity, not available on weekends

  • No travel fee; located in NW Houston TX near 290/Barker Cypress

Houston Maternity Photographer

See a sample gallery of a family + child session below.

Location 3: Houston Downtown Skyline

  • Located near Downtown Houston TX

  • Parking off Allen Parkway

  • Beautiful evening light

  • Recommended for all sessions

  • $150 travel fee

LOCATION 4: Hermann Park

  • Located Inside the 610 Loop of Houston TX

  • Herman Park near the zoo

  • Lovely evening or morning light

  • Ideal for family sessions

  • $150 travel fee

  • Update: as of October 2018, there is a permit fee required to use this location. It is $131.14 per session each time this location is used. If interested in this location, clients are responsible for collection the permit and submitting the application in advance. See more information here.

Outdoor Family Photographer Houston
Houston TX Child Photographer

LOCATION 5: Field with Bridge

  • Sunrise/Sunset

  • Recommended for all session types

  • No travel fee [located in Northwest Houston near 290/Telge Road)

LOCATION 6: Over-hanging Trees and Dirt Trails

  • Ideal for sunrise/sunset

  • Recommended for cake smash, child, family, and maternity photography

  • No travel fee [Located in NW Houston near Fry & 290]

Houston Family Photographer

Sample gallery of sunset family session at location 6

See a sunrise family session with 6 month old baby girl


Location 7: Natural Bridge and Golden Light

  • Recommended for evening or morning sessions

  • No travel fee [located in NW Houston near Cypress TX]

Sunset maternity gallery of location 7

Child's One year session with cake smash during sunset at location 7

Buffalo Bayou - Location 8

  • Located in Downtown Houston TX

  • Ideal for all session types

  • Looks best in the evening

  • $150 dollar travel fee

Houston TX Maternity Photographer

Location 9 - The Woodlands

  • Located in The Woodlands TX

  • Ideal for evening sessions

  • Great for all session types

  • $150 dollar travel fee

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography

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Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Harris County. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, West University and Rice Village.


Where to Find the Perfect Dress | Slay During Winter Family Photos

Houston Portrait Photographer, Sarah Borchgrevink, shares how to slay during your winter family photography session + where to find the best gowns! 

Have no fear: styling is now here!

Good morning, gang! Thanks for visiting my blog to see where to find an awesome gown for a photo shoot! If this is your first time here, welcome! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah Borchgrevink (Bork-grey-veenk) and I'm married to the coolest dude on the planet, Kevin! Together we have three little girls (Lucy, Emma and Amelia) who we like to call the Tiny Tribe of Wild Women (yup, click that link to see our pregnancy announcement & gender reveal, ha). 

However, just over a week ago we welcomed our son, Jack Alexander, into this world! This in mind, because I am a mommy and LOVE having photos done with my sweet little family, I do know what it's like to book the session and then say, "Okay. Yikes. What should I wear?"

I can attest that often, Moms put themselves last. It's part of the care giving nature. I find myself picking out my kiddos clothing first and then the hubby. Afterwards, I sit in my closet and think, "Does anything even look good on me?"

Stop. Right there. I, Sarah, totally give you permission to slay during those family photos! You are a awesome mommy + domestic goddess, HA! You deserve the coolest gowns that are soft, feminine, timeless and stunning. You are taking these photos not only for yourself, but for your little ones. This is also a fantastic way to connect with your spouse and significant other. Document the joy of your lives together. Give something tangible to represent all that is beautiful about your family. They're a wonderful way to preserve the love of your family and showcase darling milestones, such as an annual family photography session. Also, it's great for your little ones to see you feeling sassy, confident, and loving yourself. 

Now: let's talk about winter. If you live in the south, like me, you know that the winter is the best time to take family photos because it's the only time of our calendar year it's not hot as heck, ha! Even the fall can still be in the 90's and as women of the south, we are just used to being warm. What to wear then?

TA-DA: Presenting the best dress!

  • This Olive Green Draped Gown with 3/4 Sleeves is the perfect dress for either a maternity session or family photos due to the adjustable waist. This dress, however, comes in a huge variety of colors such as black, burgundy, light blue, light pink, mauve, navy blue, olive, peach, periwinkle, pink, purple, and royal blue. So while I *did* select this as a winter choice, thanks to the sleeves, this could easily be used for any season.
  • This dress is the bomb dot com, too, because it's meant to transition into motherhood. You see, as mentioned above, I have four kids and quite frankly, it's nice there is gown that makes motherhood a little easier. You can wear this during pregnancy thanks to the polyester blend but also can use it afterwards as it is breathable. 
the perfect dress for family photos

Here's what Mom had to say about this gown:

I loved the dress because it's a soft wrap dress that was very comfortable to wear. Being a new mom and need to be able to move without feeling constrained is a big selling point to me. I did not feel confined during the shoot and could enjoy my time with Sarah and my family. I chose the olive green color because I love earth tones like brown, cream, and greens. This made coordinating with my husband a breeze! I cannot recommend this dress enough!

 5 Reasons to love this gown

  1. Perfect for date night, baby shower, maternity photos or family session.
  2. Flattering style with a solid pattern that is versatile 
  3. Great dress for transitioning into motherhood as there is an adjustable waist (score!)
  4. Sash tie adds super cute detail but also allows you to cinch to fit as needed
  5. The draped v-neck is perfect for nursing moms too - we all need our life to be a little easier!

Pink Blush Boutique is a great vendor! 

The artistic part of me, however, loves this vendor for several reasons. I adore sending clients here, so check out their site, Pink Blush Boutique

The selection is fantastic! For example, you'll find clothing for every occasion from spring, fall, summer, winter, and even holidays like Valentine's Day or your special celebration, like a baby shower. Better yet: they also offer a selection of accessories sure to complete your outfit such a shoes, jewelry, hats, bags, scarves, etc. They all coordinate together perfectly and it just makes things easier. 

Moreover, they several sizes from size 2 to 3x. This is great they cater to many sizes and shapes! As we all know, everyone is different. They also have free shipping on all U.S. orders + a coupon for 10 percent off your first purchase! Wow! 

Allow me to introduce this stunning client

The D family is a baby plan membership client of mine. We also did a gorgeous maternity session, too, so check out more of their beautiful natural light, sunset pregnancy portraits. Mom is especially a sweet client because she inquired before she was even pregnant! One day, I was working at my desk, and she asks all about my packages, explaining they are going to try for a baby soon.

A few months later, she contacted me to let me know baby is cooking! We scheduled a maternity session (linked above) and then also a baby plan membership, which means they reserved the first year of life + family photos for their sweet baby! It includes a full newborn collection, 6 month sitter + family session, and also a 12 month cake smash + family photos. 

Because of this, it's truly been a joy to meet their family and work together. Here are a few super cute shots of their darling baby girl. Here she is at just a few days old.

Houston Newborn Photographer
houston baby photographer
newborn photography houston
newborn photographer houston
newborn photography the woodlands tx
newborn photography spring tx

Now she's 6 months old + sitting up all on her own, wow!

baby photography houston

See more of why this dress is a great choice

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Thank you for stopping by the blog to see a great dress for outdoor winter photos! I hope you enjoyed reading about the perfect dress plus how to find it!

If you enjoyed reading about how to slay during your own family photos, you may like reading about these topics, too:

Specializing in posed baby portraits, Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer serving the surrounding areas including Houston metro area, Cypress, Katy, Spring, The Heights, Sugar Land, West University, Bellaire, and The Woodlands, TX. In addition to breathtaking newborn images, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting couples.


Candid & Natural Photography | The Tiny Tribe of Wild Women

My philosophy on letting my kiddos be little and embracing the spirit of the Tiny Tribe of Wild Women

Everyday Happenings With Emma, Lucy, and Amelia

So let them be little, cause they’re only that way for a while.
Give them hope, give them praise, give them love, every day.
Let em cry, let em giggle, let them sleep in the middle.
Oh, just let them be little
— Songwriters: Billy H. Dean / Richie Mcdonald

Hi, friends! Today's blog post talks about how I started my photography journey and the inspiration I find in my daily life, how I apply this to my own portraiture work, and why I enjoy using a more candid and natural photography style to preserve my little ones in the most authentic manner.

Welcome! If this is your first time visiting my blog, you should you know I do specialize in posed newborn photography, however, I work often with my own little ones and photograph them in our everyday lives. My kiddos are what started me on my photography journey which has eventually developed from a small hobby to a thriving business in which I am the breadwinner for my family.

Over the years, my husband, Kevin, and I have welcomed three little girls into our home! Emma is our eldest, who is 7, followed by Lucy, 3, and Amelia, 1, who will be 2 in December, though, so I am looking forward to that birthday milestone! We're also really excited to announce we're having a little boy, Jack, in December so stay on the look out for fun newborn and family photos once he arrives, ha! 

As time has passed, Emma, Lucy and Amelia's personalities have truly flourished and we've started called the gaggle of red headed girls the "Tiny Tribe of Wild Women", lol! Yes. We even have had a sign made for their playroom (seen below). 

Pregnancy Annoucnement by Sarah Borchgrevink

Why they're called the tiny tribe of wild women

Emma, Lucy and Amelia are certainly modern women who do not have meager, quiet, or meek personalities. A few words I would use to describe them are perhaps: spirited, lively, ardent, courageous, vivacious, and truly remarkable. As parents, my husband and I celebrate their personalities and really enjoy raising them. For example, my spouse is the stay at home parent while I work full time, so there are often days I come home to dance parties and lots of dresses and glitter, ha! Kevin is a great sport and awesome daddy. He is always up for a trip to the park, baking cookies, or painting toe nails. He is also the ultimate story reader and puts extra bubbles in the tub because that's what makes life interesting, right? Who needs a bath without bubbles? 

When photographing my children, I embrace their spirit and will document their everyday lives candidly. My children don't respond well to sitting quietly or being told they must wear a fancy gown and sit perfectly still and smile. This simply is not who they are and part of having their photos taken is preserving their childhood. 

Love letters to my children

I am taking everyday, natural, and candid photos for my little ones. These are for them to have when they're older, it is my love language. This is my gift to them: albums and prints and canvases showing them as they are, allowing them to be their own people, and showing the journey as they grow. Life is not perfect. Nothing is ever going to be precise (unless you're doing math problems, but that's another blog post, ha!). By allowing them to be who they are, it removes expectations that are unnatural for them and also will be a connection to our past. I adore looking through older images of them and sometimes it makes me a little sad because it's not until a milestone has passed do you realize how precious it is.

As parents, we're sometimes so focused on what's next, what our children will accomplish next, we forget to see the everyday beauty right in front of us. Photographing them in their everyday moments, the simple truth in our daily lives, will forever preserve this sacred time. I know I will miss them being small. I distinctly remember crying the day my eldest went to kindergarten. She stepped onto the bus, waved goodbye to me, and the doors shut. I looked at my husband, in a complete panic, and said, "We have to follow her. I don't even know the bus driver! Who let's their child in a vehicle with someone they don't know?" Of course, these milestones are harder on me than them and by having many everyday images of them, it it truly wonderful to look back on their lives and celebrate them.

I also must note: a yearly family photo shoot is a must. Once a year, I do like to have professional family photos taken and I would never discount the beauty in this type of photography. However, one photography session a year is not enough to capture who they are as they do change very quickly.

Having young children inspires my own family portraiture work because it teaches me patience and how to engage with others without being intrusive. It also shows me that mothers will relish in those precious, candid images and enjoy looking back on them. It's totally nice to have 3-4 images in which your whole family is smiling at the camera, but it's also okay to have more natural images, too. There is a balance. I tell parents to not worry: we always do the more posed images first and then we play, have fun, and I give you many tips on interacting with your children. 

Here are some of my favorite everyday happenings from November.

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Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Houston. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including North Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, Jersey Village, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, Willis, Montgomery, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, New Caney, Waller, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Pearland, Hempstead, Richmond, West University, Rice Village and Porter TX. Connect to chat with Sarah today! Please consider booking your session at your earliest convenience in order to secure your appointments on the calendar.