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See what you may expect when booking a posed newborn baby session with Houston’s highest rated newborn photographer, Sarah Borchgrevink.

Helpful Details:

The best time to visit for your little one’s first professional portraiture session is at 5-9 days old, however, there are options up to 60 days old for parents who have missed the first 14 days of life. The studio welcomes many ages and offers flexibility session options based on Baby’s age.


Sarah’s Houston Newborn Baby Portrait Studio is centrally located in Uptown inside the 610 loop. Specializing in the custom art of posed newborn photography, Sarah offers creative, unique, yet timeless works of baby art. Cozy wrapping, macro detailed photos, and squishy bean bag posing creates a diverse gallery parents are sure to treasure.

  • Sessions are available by appointment only, though there is availability seven days per week. Studio hours include Monday - Friday from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • All scheduling is streamlined through the online booking page. Clients select their date, time, and package while also fulfilling their contract and deposit.

Family-Friendly Luxury Portrait Studio

  • The studio boasts spacious 1,300 square foot space featuring a lobby, mothers’ room, posed newborn room, and lifestyle room with gorgeous floor to ceiling window light

  • Motherhood wardrobe, props and all styling included for parents ease (rustic, dreamy, timeless branding)

  • Prop room filled with luxury props, all color-coordinated and super organized. Something for everyone from neutrals, organics, jewel tones

A newborn session is unique because it is once in a lifetime opportunity

  • Sarah’s job is to preserve the baby as they’ll never be again: brand new and curly

  • You will forever cherish the images in which Baby becomes part of this world

  • The newness, the exciting and awe-inspiring emotions of bringing home a new baby, these of completion and unconditional love. Newborn photography encompasses all the details and feelings that forever make your heart sing and will only become more valuable as your child grows

  • The adventure of parenthood is ever so purposeful, and a custom newborn session will showcase the bonds you may not have the ability to preserve otherwise

Baby is handled with love, care, and respect

  • Sarah is fully vaccinated, insured, and taken multiple safety workshops on handling, posing, session flow, and soothing Baby

  • Mom with four young children

  • Full-time business owner since 2013

Family photos are soft, clean, organic and filled with a timeless white, light, pure light

  • Vintage meets classic for eternal results

  • Ethereal and bright and airy mothers wardrobe

  • Focuses on bonds and connections as parents welcome precious little life into their ho

Macro photography sets galleries apart through soulful up-close details

  • Mom and Dad spent nine months dreaming of their baby, imagining all of the things that make Baby who they are

  • Macro photography embraces each baby as an endearing individual

  • Baby features change as they age through the tender, unconditional love of their tiny toes, button nose, profile, lips, hands, fingers, and unique characteristics make for a soulful final gallery.

What to Expect + How to Prepare for Your Lifestyle Infant Session

Lifestyle Family/Newborn Prep Guide by Sarah Borchgrevink Photography

Thank you for choosing me to photograph your family during this exciting time in your life! The following information is a prep guide to share some tips and tricks for having a great session experience. Let’s get started!

First and foremost: congratulations on your newest addition! Newborn photography is my specialty, and I welcome all things new and curly in my studio.

Studio and Office Details

The studio address is 4550 Post Oak Place Drive, Suite 203, Houston TX 77027. The studio is very spacious at 1,300 square feet. I fully remodeled it and truly put so much into making this my dream space!

When you arrive, please park in the parking lot. You will enter the building, use the elevator, and go to floor number two. I am in the north pod once you exit the elevator. Suite 203 is on the left, right past the bathrooms. There is also security on-site, too, and if you need help finding the studio, there is always someone in the lobby to assist. Moreover, there is a digital directory right next to the elevator.

In my studio you’ll find the following:

·         Lobby and playroom

·         All white lifestyle room for family and maternity

·         Newborn room

·         Mothers room for nursing and feeding

·         Prop room filled with hundreds of luxury, custom items

·         The bathroom is right down the hall from my studio space.

Studio hours are Monday – Friday from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday from 9 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Family/Sibling/Parent Images | What to Wear

Family, sibling, and parent images always are the first part of the newborn session. Here we capture the sweet, natural dynamics surrounding the love you have for your earthside cherub. We will use my all-white, lifestyle room and focus on connections, bonds, and showcasing the sweetness of welcoming your baby.

I have a small client wardrobe mothers may use for their session. It includes neutral gowns that photograph well in the space, typically in sizes that are small-large. They are flowy and timeless. You are welcome to use one for our session though if you have an outfit from home, you prefer that’s fine, too!

For siblings and Dad: please stick to neutrals, if possible, or muted pastels. Avoid neon colors. Orange, yellow, bright greens or pinks are not favorable. Colors that photograph well are light grey, tans, creams, white, and ivory. Seafoam, navy, mauve, and colors of this sort are lovely, too!

Dads look nice in a nicer pair of jeans or khaki pants, simple button up, or even a polo shirt without distracting labels. Moms can do a long maxi dress if they would like or cardigan, tank top, whichever you’re comfortable.

Children look lovely in jeans or khaki pants with a solid or neutral colored top. Little girls look darling in a simple cotton dress without any cartoon characters or distracting labels.

I love when parents bring a white onesie from home for some individual images of Baby; however, I will wrap them in coordinating organic, loose textile to keep them cozy and sleepy.

Preparing Baby | Before You Arrive At Studio

·         The trick to a great newborn session is to keep Baby awake for one hour before you leave for the newborn session. Then feed Baby very well right before you get in the car to leave.  We can go right into the session as soon as you arrive. By keeping Baby awake, they’ll be hungry, eat, and then be ready to sleep. the Fluffy, clean hair photographs well, too! To keep baby awake, play with their feet, tickle their toes, talk to them – I know it’s a lot of work to keep baby awake, but this makes for the best galleries.

·         If you’re comfortable doing so, please bring a pacifier. If you’re not using one, I completely understand and respect your parenting wishes.

·         If formula feeding or pumping, please bring extra milk. It’s always best to be over-prepared than be in the middle of a session and have nothing to feed the baby. Baby is happy with a full tummy. J

·         If you have any props from home you’d like to incorporate, feel free to bring them. Sometimes parents bring wedding bands, a stuffed animal, special outfit, or a blanket/swaddle that is meaningful.

Once You Arrive | Everything You Need to Know

·         When you arrive, please have a seat in the lobby. I may be finishing another session so I will greet you. I promise I am excited to meet you!

·         We will use white noise during the session to help Baby sleep. The room will be about 74 degrees, but if Baby seems cold, we can add a space heater in easily. Baby will not be naked for any of these images, though I do my best to be flexible.

·         We’ll go straight into the session and make sure everyone is comfortable and feels at ease.

During Your Session

·         Expect to spend around an hour with me. However, if Baby does need to stop and eat, please know their comfort and safety is of the utmost importance to me, so Baby is the boss, ha!

·         I am very comfortable working with newborns. I average around 25 newborns in studio per month year round (average of 250 babies per year) and enjoy my time with them!

·         Always feel like you can ask a question.

·         I will give you plenty of direction and ensure to communicate effectively with you. My job is to guide and lead you, so do not worry, I will make sure you’re comfortable. I know having photos taken can make some parents nervous, but I promise you’ll be very happy to have these images.

·         Once our session is over, you’re welcome to feed Baby anywhere you’re comfortable doing so, and I am happy to help pack up, too. There is a mother’s room with a comfortable rocker if you’d like to use it.

After Your Session: What to Expect

·         Your final balance is due the day of your newborn session. If you prefer to pay by cash or check, however, feel free to let me know in advance. Otherwise, I’ll send a PayPal invoice a few days before our session, and you may fulfill the invoice in whichever manner you’re comfortable doing so.

·         Two weeks (14 days) after your session takes place, you receive gallery selections you via a private, password protected gallery. Your proofing gallery will have the top images from our time together. These are the images from which you’ll select the number of digital files that come in your package.

·         Rush editing is available for an additional $200, so if you would like to receive your session earlier, let me know. J Kindly note the 14 days does not begin until you fulfill your final invoice.

·         Here is a direct link to your contract if you have any specific questions. These are the standards and expectations I uphold for all clients as well as myself.

SBP Practices Soft Proofing

·         Light edits are applied to the top images of your session via soft proofing. Full edits such as skin smoothing, eye sharpening, teeth whitening, etc., are completed once you have selected your favorite images. Professionally enhanced final edits are finished three business days after you select your images. Business days are Monday – Friday.

Digital Files Available for Instant Download

Your final gallery is given through an online gallery in which you may instantly download your non-watermarked, full resolution digital images. You are responsible for downloading these images within 30 days and archiving them into the cloud.

Option to Add Additional Digital Files to Your Package:

If you are interested in additional retouched digital files, clients may purchase them once they have received the proofing gallery. All purchased digital files at SBP are full resolution. Please print as large as you wish. There is no obligation to purchase additional files; it is simply available if you’re interested in these.

$40 per la carte file

$150 for a grouping of 5

$200 for a grouping of 8

$350 for the entire gallery shown

Thank you for choosing me to photograph your baby’s session! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to notify me immediately. I want you to have an amazing portraiture experience. I know this feels like a lot of information, and I do not want to overwhelm you. Thank you again for your time and for choosing me!



New Addition to the Pricing Guide: Studio Lifestyle Sessions for Families & Babies

Located in Uptown inside the 610 Loop, Sarah Borchgrevink’s New Studio Features an All White, Organic Lifestyle Room.

all white portrait studio in Houston

Good morning, friends! Today’s blog post is all about what’s new at my Houston Newborn Baby, Maternity, and Family Portrait Studio! As of June 3rd, I am officially moved in and excited to be working in a brand new, amazing space! If this is your first time seeing this post the new studio is located in Uptown off San Felipe. The 1,300 square-foot commercial space is everything I could ever want and caters to posed newborn photography, maternity and pregnancy portraits, and also family photography. As always, baby milestone sessions will still be offered.

Minimalist and simple lifestyle portraiture

As of June 2019 there is now the option to select a lifestyle family session when visiting with your newborn. Over the last year I have moved to a soft proofing method of clients selecting their images. This means an online proofing gallery is prepared featuring all the amazing images from our time together and then parents select their photos. Through this process, I have learned sometimes parents are gravitating towards the family, sibling, and parent images. They are leaving behind several setups such as naked bean bag posing, baby in a bucket and other floor props, and macro images. This has shown me that sometimes parents prefer a clean, natural, and minimalist approach by removing props, posing, and the accessories such as the hats and bonnets as well as all of the dainty tiebacks and headbands you’ll find in studio.

What is lifestyle newborn photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography is a laid back and more casual, natural approach to infant photos. For instance, we utilize the big white, cozy bed you’ll find in studio and also organic wraps and textiles, generally in the more neutral color schemes. There are minimal props and posing, though instead the images are soft, natural, and clean in which Baby is photographed just as they are. There is much less prep and setups, so this type of photography is designed for parents who do not like those perfectly squishy, posed images.

Both posed and lifestyle offer beautiful options and breathtaking results though now that I have a studio catering to both styles, I am happy to showcase both to be inclusive, versus exclusive, to what parents are seeking in Houston.

After all, the Greater Houston Area has millions of parents, all of which deserve to have the style of images that make their heart sing.


All sessions are fully inclusive, meaning you select a package that includes a set number of digital files + a print release. These are one flat rate including time, talent, session design, editing of your images, and the preparation, as well as the rendering of your full-resolution digital gallery available for instant download. The photos are yours to share, print, treasure, and adore for countless years.

Provided is a list of reputable consumer-grade printing labs, so you're sure to have sensational options and inspiration for display.


  • Includes immediate family + 15 minutes of photographer’s time and talent

  • Online proofing gallery, print release, lab recommendations, and cloud storage ideas

  • 5 retouched full-resolution images of your choice available for instant download. Matching black and white edits are also included.

  • Neutral and muted wardrobe is included for Mom

SIMPLE | $600 + TAX

  • Includes immediate family + 30 minutes of photographer’s time and talent

  • Online proofing gallery, print release, lab recommendations, and cloud storage ideas

  • 15 retouched full-resolution images of your choice available for instant download. Matching black and white edits are also included.

  • Neutral and muted wardrobe is included for Mom

CLASSIC | $750 + TAX

  • Includes immediate family + 45 minutes of photographer’s time and talent

  • Online proofing gallery, print release, lab recommendations, and cloud storage ideas

  • 25 retouched full-resolution images of your choice available for instant download. Matching black and white edits are also included.

  • Neutral and muted wardrobe is included for Mom

When do these sessions take place?

The best time to photograph anything newborn related is the first 5-9 days. However, these are available to infants up to 7 weeks old.

When is the ideal time to book?

The ideal time to book a session, newborn or otherwise, with Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is generally in your second trimester, though some parents do not book until Baby is born because they may not know how early it is recommended to book. Sessions do take place 6 days per week, however, so last minutes bookings can sometimes be added to the calendar.

How to Book your appointment:

Booking your appointment with Sarah is very simple. Visit the booking page and add your due date to the calendar if you’re still pregnant. If Baby is already born, however, just select a date and time from the available options that fits your schedule.

You will either choose a “simple” studio family session or a “classic” studio family session.

The type of images you may expect:

Houston Family Photography
Houston Lifestyle Newborn Photography
Family Photography Houston
Houston TX Newborn Photography.
lifestyle newborn photography Houston.
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Houston
Natural Newborn Photography in Houston
Newborn Photography in Houston
Family Lifestyle Photography Houston

Thank you for stopping by to read about the newest addition to the pricing guide!