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Then & Now: An Overview of New Arrivals who turned the Big O-N-E- in 2018

Sarah Borchgrevink specializes in studio newborn and baby portraiture! Check out some of the cutest baby plan clients from 2018.

Photographing a brand new baby is an absolute dream! There is no job more perfect and makes my heart sing than documenting this absolutely precious time in a family’s life as they welcome a little one into their lives. However, baby plan membership clients are extra special because I’ve had the honor of not only photographing their cherub’s first professional photos, though many of these parents also choose me for pregnancy images, little sitter 7 month sessions, and the 12 month cake smash & splash!

First things first: what’s a baby plan?

Ha! I’m glad you asked! At Sarah Borchgrevink Photography, a baby plan membership can be broken into two categories for parents seeking multiple sessions with the same photographer.

  • maternity, newborn, little sitter, and one year

  • newborn, little sitter, and one year

Sometimes, however, parents will choose to do a newborn session and then follow up with a one year old set of images, since I tell parents they should book what is most important to them.

As 2018 comes to a close, I am sharing a handful of my favorite clients who turned one on this glorious year! Let’s get started. Let the cuteness begin!


newborn boy in green
baby milestone boy photo shoot
first birthday photos in houston


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newborn wrapping in miniature bed
one year old baby photos bubble bath


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potato sack newborn wrapping grey
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newborn posing on bean bag
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newborn wrapping posed session
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posed newborn photography blue backdrop
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houston tx baby and infant portraits
tooshie up newborn girl posing on bean bag

As always, thank you for visiting to read about fun updates! If you liked seeing precious infants who rocked their sessions, you may enjoy reading about the following:

Located in Harris County, Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in unique and timeless posed sessions! Sarah also offers breathtaking studio milestone infant sessions, and is honored to be named Best Newborn Photographers Houston 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019! Sarah serves the entire Harris and Montgomery County areas including Houston, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Katy, Memorial & Galleria, West University, Kingwood and Rice Village.

Last Week in Studio: Little Sitters, Siblings, Parents, and New Arrivals

Offering adorable baby milestone sessions as well as posed newborn photography featuring sibling, parent, and family setups, Sarah shares highlights from last week's sessions! 

Howdy, friends! Today's blog post is a fun one because you get to see last week's sessions + what makes them special. Welcome! Let's get started!

Big Brother Link | Newborn Photography with Sibling

This sweet big brother, named Link, could not have been sweeter during his sibling portion of little sister's newborn session. Link is not even two years old, yet, either, so this is a great posing idea for sibling. These images are included in the "full' newborn collection, but are also available as an add on in every other collection I offer, such as the wrapped mini, bean bag mini, and petite sessions. My favorite part of this setup is how clean and classic all the colors are; I adore timeless and vintage inspired sessions, so the lace headband, ivory wrap, cream flokati rug, and simple white shirt and dark wash jeans are the perfect outfit for a sibling and newborn baby girl setup. Link was especially special to me because he was so tender and soft with his baby sister.

newborn photos with older sibling

Mia at nearly 3 weeks new

mini newborn session houston tx

Mia is a brand new arrival who visited my Houston Newborn Baby Portrait Studio at just under 3 weeks old. Her session is special because she's the first baby who's mama booked my brand new session offering, called the newborn wrapped mini! Featuring gorgeous textiles, antique and rustic floor props, and full styling such as bonnets and dainty tiebacks, this is a great option for babies who are 30 days or newer. This is designed for parents seeking just a few stunning and unique images of their new cherub. These sessions are also special because they're under an hour long so you're in and out of the studio really quickly! 

Grady's Little Sitter Session at 7 Months Old

six month milestone photos

Handsome Grady absolutely stole my heart! From the moment his mama brought him into the studio, he was all smiles. His captivating blue eyes and strawberry blond hair had me wanting to snuggle him the entire time! We did several setups, 5-6, and really showcased adorable outfits that are available to all of my clients. Full styling and accessories are provided for all little sitter sessions, including baby milestone photography. You may be interested in reading about 14 New Outfits in My Client Closet + everything you need to know about sitter milestone baby sessions. These sessions set themselves apart because there are (3) pricing tiers you may select from; this caters to different budgets and also offers affordable Houston Baby Photography to new parents. There's a mini, standard, or deluxe package.

First time parents Rachel & Brian | Family + Newborn Photography

Rachel and Brian were such a treat to photograph in studio! They visited when their little girl was just under a week old. I was completely impressed with them, too! Mom is a pediatrician and just finished her residency, right when having a new baby! They even were in the middle of closing on their house and moving just a few short days later. Talk about super parents, huh? For their parent portion, Mom wore a stunning blush top that looks lovely against the white light; Dad wore a classic blue button up. Adorned with an ivory wrap and soft, muted pink headband, their little lass is the perfect bundle of joy. Mom and Dad booked the 'petite' option on my pricing guide. This is the perfect collection for first time parents who would like lovely images such as mom with baby, dad with baby, and parents together with baby.

family newborn photography

Aria at 7 Days Fresh | New Earth side Arrival

newborn girl in bucket

It's no secret that Houston Newborn Photography is my specialty and where I thrive! Nothing gives me as much joy as working with babies who are less than a month old; preserving this time for parents is incredibly rewarding and I cannot believe I call this my full-time job! Parent of being one of the best Houston Newborn Photographers (2016-2018) is offering beautiful setups that are not only unique and timeless but also showcase baby in the most precious of ways! Baby in a bucket is part of every session I do. Aria weighs just over 7 pounds and has a head full of gorgeous dark brown hair. Her tiny fingers, button nose, and sweet lips truly are stunning. You may be interested in also reading 7 Tricks to Rock Baby in a Bucket Pose, which also focuses on newborn safety and training.

Heidi | 8 Days old at 6 pounds

aquamarine newborn girl colors

Beautiful Heidi visited at 8 days old and her session featured tons of naked bean bag posing, which was Mom's preference. The main color in her session was aquamarine with teal accents. Her session is special because all of my newborn props are hand-crafted by incredible vendors all over the world! This headband, for instance, is from the UK and is from a great gal called Created by Carli. Her items are impeccable; while they are an investment, they set newborn sessions apart through creativity, unique looks, and also they're dainty and petite. My preference is for all the styling to fit my brand which is rustic, classic, dreamy, timeless. 

Lily Rose | 8 pounds & 7 days old

newborn photography cypress tx

Lily Rose is a completely gorgeous baby girl! At over 8 pounds, technically nearly 9, she was so squishy and chubby! Her cheeks and beautiful features are perfection! I adore this setup of her, which features cream, ivory, lace, and a wooden rustic bowl because we're able to see her face, hands, toes, and she looks completely at peace. When working with new arrivals, such as precious newborn babies, the sessions are very laid back and serene. Your baby should never be in distress or crying. I have years of experience and pride myself on finishing my sessions in 2 hours or less. 

Baby girl M | Lovely Lilac & Lavender 

newborn photography spring tx

Baby girl M came for her newborn session at just over a week old. Weighing 6 pounds and having a breathtaking head full of hair, this little lady was the perfect newborn session! She slept beautifully for me and rocked each and every one of her poses. Her color scheme showcases many purple tones such as lavender and lilac. Soft, muted, classic. The quintessential colors for a dainty little lady! Her session was also a favorite of mine because her parents are long time clients! I've been working with them for years, so it was really fun to catch up with them during their fall family session, Mom's outdoor, natural light maternity session, and then see them again for the posed newborn appointment. 

Michelle & Jeff | Baby Plan Membership Clients

Michelle and Jeff were great to have in studio! On top of being wonderful and sweet, they're also baby plan membership clients with a maternity session add-on. This means they secured an outdoor, natural light pregnancy portraiture session, posed in-studio newborn photos, and I'll also see them for their little girl's 7 month sitter session and even a 12 month cake smash & splash! You may enjoy seeing their maternity session featuring two adorable fur siblings!

mom and newborn photography
father and newborn photography

Are you currently looking for a portrait photographer who specializes in stunning belly to first year sessions? Let's chat! I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Harris County. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, West University and Rice Village.

Here's where Sarah's Houston Photo Studio is Located:


Parents Give Complete Creative Freedom | Artist's Color Choices

Houston Newborn Photographer, Sarah Borchgrevink, offers a large variety of props such as colorful textiles, natural organics, vintage-inspired pieces, and stunning accessories to complement your precious baby.

Greetings, friends! Today's blog post is a special one because it shares unique and creative newborn sessions. You see, as a professional baby portrait photographer, my studio is the perfect place to have your little one's first photos taken! I offer many affordable options with completely transparent pricing. Parents encounter no hidden fees or surprises when booking. Everything is a seamless, laid-back experience from the moment you contact me about securing your own appointment.

For instance, a styling questionnaire is given so parents may relay their color preferences to me. This, along with a newborn session prep guide, is given so you're sure to have an amazing session! However, sometimes parents tell me they have no color preferences or specific props in mind. They give me complete creative freedom, which is a huge treat! Having the option to pull anything is truly a wonderful way to be creative and provide some of the best Houston Newborn Photography images! I cannot thank my clients enough for entrusting me to work with your family.  

Let's get started on showcasing two recent sessions that made my heart sing! 

Joshua | 6 Days New

Joshua is the most handsome little dude! Weighing just over 7 pounds with a head full of gorgeous, dark and curly locks he truly is a gem! His sweet parents told me to choose everything for the session. This in mind, I pulled all things classic yet unique; shades of blue, spring greenery, rustic red, and antique buckets. I even made sure to pull a neutral as this compliments his skin perfectly! 

Joshua's session also reflects masculine newborn boy colors such as charcoal grey in the popular potato sack style of newborn wrapping. This is the super cute one where they look like a round little egg, ha! Parents always ask me how I am able to make them round like a basketball and I explain I learned this at a newborn workshop in Houston, TX. I do practice newborn safety with all of my petite clients so if you ever have a question about how a certain look is acheived please know I am an open book an completely transparent in all that I do. :-) 

houston newborn photographer
newborn photography houston tx
light tan color scheme newborn boy photography
newborn macro images baby toes

Aria | 5 Days Old

When Aria's parents booked her newborn appointment, they expressed complete trust in my preferences and relayed that they came to me for my professional opinion. Since I do photography newborn cherubs full time, for a living, this is a great idea since I know how colors will look under the lights, especially once we process the images in Photoshop.

For Aria, I pulled inspiration from her gorgeous skin tone! Her features are absolutely stunning: beautiful eyes, long lashes, and sweet cupid lips. She is an absolute beauty!

Aria's posed newborn session is a work of color art! You'll find many stunning tones such as a rich, vibrant purple and lilac lavendar as well as a fun spring time yellow, too! Adorned with custom headbands and tiebacks, she is the epitome of newborn grace and beauty! Her session was an absolute dream and she was such a joy to work with! Mom and Dad did an incredible job preparing her for the newborn session. They even brought grandma along to help, too! It takes a village, and I am so excited to have photographed this beautiful time for her parents. 

yellow during newborn girl session
purple and lilac newborn girl photography
yellow and lavender purple newborn color scheme
macro images of newborn girl's profile

As always, friends, thank you for visiting my blog to see information about how I create unique, rustic, and timeless newborn baby portraits! I hope you visit again and if you ever find yourself in Houston, I would love to work with you! Moreover, if you have a friend or family member who is perhaps expecting their own bundle of joy, I would love you to refer them to my portraiture work. Wishing you a joyful day, gang! 

All my warmth to you,


Before you go, however, don't forget to check out a sample gallery showing what you may expect in a full session, such as a boy and a girl portraits, too!

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Harris County. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, West University and Rice Village.