Showcasing squishy, curly, and adorable naked posing

First Sample Gallery | Boy Baby Styling

This breathtaking little boy visited when he was just 7 days old. A fir green backdrop and neutral accessories, such as a textured bonnet, precious sleepy cap, darling layers to add contract, and vintage-inspired bear bonnet and matching stuffed animal make for a precious session encompassing all things new, curly, and timeless about a newly earthside baby.

Styling and Posing You May Expect:

A backdrop color of your choice is provided along with accessories to style baby, such as handcrafted headbands, seen below. In this particular session, this darling baby girl visited the studio at 7 days new. Her parents requested neutrals such as a soft peach with also accents of cream and ivory. The poses seen below are 'froggy', in which baby appears to be holding up their head, timber, cradle, bum up, also known as the tooshie pose, womb, which is sometimes also called taco, followed by side sleeper, and then even a macro image of baby's profile. 

Third Sample Gallery | girl Bean Bag session

This sweet cherub baby girl visited the studio when she was just over 6 days fresh. She weighs 6 pounds and has the most darling head full of gorgeous brown hair! She slept beautifully for me. Her parents asked for a very girly and feminine session featuring lilac, lavender, and muted purple colors to compliment her skin tone. For this session, she is posed in taco, back to sleep, bum up, froggy, and side sleeper. There are precious macro images, too, of her face, in which you may see the adorable features like her button nose, lips, eyelashes, and chubby little cheeks!

Family, sibling, or parent images as an add on

If you would like to participate in the session you are welcome to add family, sibling, and parent setups for an additional $200. This includes 6 more digital files of your choice and 30 more minutes of coverage. For instance, we cover several setups such as the entire family, Mom with Baby, Dad with Baby, Sibling with Baby, Mom with the little ones, Dad with the little ones, and more. You may even add grandparents to the session, too. Your gallery is sure to be stunning and truly remarkable. Neutral and muted wardrobe is included for Mom.

Bean Bag Newborn Session at $450: One customized setup for Baby in which Baby is posed in a variety of naked, squishy poses on one backdrop color of your choice. Macro photography and 60 minutes of coverage are included. Your favorite 10 images (+black/white edits) and a $100 professional print credit are yours to treasure.

image selections | Private Proofing Gallery

Two weeks after your appointment, you receive a private proofing gallery of images you may view from the comfort of your own home. After you select your favorite images, a new gallery is prepared so you may immediately download, share, and enjoy your images for years to come. They may be printed as large, or small, as you would like infinitely. A great list of consumer labs is also made available to you along with unique yet classic wall art groupings to get you started for inspiration.

Online Booking for Ease

Feel free to add your due date to the calendar in advance or if your baby is already born, go ahead and select a date/time now.