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Seafoam Hues & Accents for Unique Color Schemes and Dreamy Skintones

Set your little one’s portrait apart with stunning colors

teal newborn boy photoshoot

When you book a professional posed newborn session with Sarah, you are going to receive a styling questionnaire. This questionnaire has you share colors you like and perhaps even a few you dislike. However, over the years I’ve worked in studio, I have found a common trend: sometimes parents are scared of color because they think it will be too brash or harsh again a their little bundle of joy’s skin.

Have no fear: through the use of studio lighting, top of the line camera gear, unique styling, and my vast array of luxury baby props color is my jam. This is how I create those ever so dreamy skin tones through the use of contrast.

You see, for my personal taste I like the baby to shine and to do so without distractions. Props are natural, timeless, and vintage-inspired so your gallery is forever in style. Think of it as a little black dress: always perfect, never dated.

While neutrals are a wonderful addition to posed sessions, I do urge you think about the following: if your home decor or nursery is neutral the pops of color can be breathtaking! For instance, if Baby is on a white backdrop, in a white picture frame, on a white wall they may blend in too much; however, with color, your baby will have fantastic skin tones, due to the contract, and the color will not make their skin look too dark.

In fact, I have noticed, when requesting colors, parents sometimes think about the colors they would use to decorate their homes versus colors that accent the decor in their home.

A few of my favorite colors from which to draw inspiration:

  • azure

  • teal

  • navy

  • royal blue

  • turquoise

  • green

  • aquamarine

  • blue-grey

  • indigo

  • cobalt

  • jade

  • sea foam

  • spinach

  • willow

  • olive

  • apple

  • chartreuse

And more!

You’ll always find a few neutral setups in each baby photography session I photograph, however, please allow me to introduce awe-inspiring setups reflecting a gorgeous yet timeless use of color sure to create unique works to adorn your walls.

n photography blue and green
jade green newborn boy photoshoot
sea green & teal boy posed in bowl
unique baby photography in Houston
aquamarine boy photoshoot baby photography
newborn girl photography ideas with turquoise
rich and vibrant teal colors during posed newborn photos
sage green accents newborn girl photography
turquoise and teal potato sack pose

As you can see, the color against Baby’s skin gives them such a creamy, soft gorgeous hue in their perfect chubby cheeks! These colors are my absolute favorite to work with and I’m also so pleased when parents give me creative freedom to showcase all the neat ideas with a newly arrived bundle of joy.

If you’re a fan of stunning colors and are interested in seeing more aesthetics you may find these related topics super helpful and enjoyable to peruse:

As always, a huge thanks to visiting my blog! Please stay awhile and browse, I hope the images make you smile!

15 of the Cutest Lil Taters in Studio: Potato Sack Pose and Wrapping

15 Babies Who Slayed Their Potato Sack Newborn Pose 

Versatile & Why It's the Best

Hi, friends! Today's blog post is a great read because it's all about my favorite type of newborn wrapping during my posed session: potato sack pose. This post also showcases 15 precious earth side cherubs who totally rocked this setup! Wrapping little ones makes for totally unique, special, and very laid back sessions.

Part of hiring a professional portrait photographer for your little one's first session is choosing someone who will keep baby's comfort in mind. Since the baby has spent nine months in a warm, tight place this style of wrapping is not only adorable but keeps baby very sleepy and calm. Essentially, creating an environment that mimics the womb baby does super well!

This is the best style of newborn wrapping because it's most versatile. For instance, during this pose you can do the following setups:

  • Sibling

  • Mom with Baby

  • Dad with Baby

  • Mom/Dad/Baby

  • Baby in floor prop

  • Baby on the flokati rug

  • Baby "sitting up" in potato sack pose

  • Baby laying down in potato sack pose

  • Macro images (up close detailed images of baby's features)

This allows you to create a gorgeous gallery for clients while seamlessly moving through tons of set ups! Moreover, potato sack pose is the best style of wrapping because it truly embodies baby as a bundle of joy. Parents marvel at how round they are - just like a little basketball! 

I typically start my newborn sessions with this style, though have been known to sometimes end in a potato sack, too. Each baby is different! 

Newborn Wrapping Basics

When wrapping a baby in potato sack pose, it is very important to ensure they are stable and properly supported. This style of wrapping can be achieved by attending a newborn workshop on safety + session flow. I would not recommend this pose to anybody who has not taken any hands on training as they baby is sitting up. The workshops will teach you how to achieve this look with baby's safety in mind. 

Potato sack wrapping is also a great way to incorporate texture into the session. For example, there are several types of textiles on hand from cheesecloth to chunky knits. They may vary, depending on season, but are wonderful ways to elevate your newborn session through unique props. I adore using handcrafted hats and bonnets, too, to highlight baby's chubby cheeks! Few things are as precious as a brand new little one. Sometimes they even give us a smile, seen below, which is a total gem to capture. Such sweetness!

wrapping a newborn
newborn styles of wrapping
how to do the potato sack pose
how to wrap a baby for newborn pictures
newborn photography wraps

Simple Newborn Wrapping & Posing

Keep baby nice and snug by ensuring their joints are wrapping perfectly. This keeps baby very sleepy and content. They can be posed into adorable floors props, such as buckets, bowls, crates, etc. The options are endless, and my clients have full access to the vast array of awesome props I have on hand. In fact, I am constantly adding to my stash and am mildly (who I kidding, TOTALLY) addicted to having new items on hand for my most precious clients!

how to wrap newborn in cheesecloth
newborn standing pose
simple newborn wrap
sarah borchgrevink: houston newborn photographer
baby posing in bucket
potato wrap newborn
newborn wrapping tutorial
newborn egg wrap
baby wrap tutorial newborn
easy  newborn wrapping

Thanks for visiting to see 15 adorable babies who rock their newborn session! I hope you enjoyed reading about the simple, precious, and darling way to wrap a newborn baby!! 

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Harris County. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, West University and Rice Village.

Houston Infant Photography | Colorful Newborn Session at 7 Days

Colorful & Vibrant Tones during a 7 Day Old Newborn Baby Boy Portraiture Session in Houston Texas

Welcome Handsome Little One | Laksh at 7 Days Old

Greetings to you! Welcome to my blog! My name is Sarah and I'd love to welcome you. First and foremost: thank you for stopping by! I am a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in all things squishy baby portraits. I delight in designing vibrant, soulful an vintage inspired sessions to preserve this incredibly special time in your life. Through the use of dynamic lighting and impeccable retouching, I present you with the most lovely gallery of images. You're sure to treasure these for a lifetime! 

To begin, today's blog post focuses on a little boy who visited my studio at just 6 days new! He weighed just under 7 pounds and had a stunning head full of hair. He slept wonderfully for our time together and we had a great time. His parents chose the petite newborn collection, which is my middle collection; it has a little bit of everything from sweet parent posing, antique floor props, and even some curly, oh so darling posing.

I pride myself on offering a great experience, too! My newborn studio is conveniently located in Northwest Houston with easy access to all major freeways and toll roads. I am about 20 minutes outside the 610 loop, half an hour from The Woodlands and North Houston, or half an hour from areas like Bellaire, too. 

Here are some of my favorite images from my time with this handsome little one. Keep reading for more details, images, or if you're curious about booking your own newborn session, I am happy to assist you.

The "froggy pose" for bean bag

The froggy pose for bean bag is a favorite among parents. It is, however, done as a composite to ensure newborn safety. I have taken several workshops on how to carefully pose brand new babies. I also like to do two different angles if possible. This adorable, custom bonnet is from one of my favorite European vendors and then the super soft, darling sage wrap is from a great gal here in the states.

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Burgundy & Maroon During Egg Basket Floor Prop

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Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Houston. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including North Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, Jersey Village, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, Willis, Montgomery, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, New Caney, Waller, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Pearland, Hempstead, Richmond, West University, Rice Village and Porter TX. Sarah has also been ranked among the Best Houston TX Newborn Photographers on the criteria of reputation, credibility, experience, availability, professionalism and engagement. Connect to chat with Sarah today! Please consider booking your session at your earliest convenience in order to secure your appointments on the calendar.

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