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Forget the Fox! What Does an Adorable Baby Wolf Pup Say?

Custom and Handmade Newborn Baby Wolf Hat Prop

baby wolf costume newborn photography

What could possibly be cuter than a newly arrive little one? How about a precious baby boy adorned with the cutest animal baby wolf hat? This vintage-inspired handmade, made to order prop is a favorite of mine because it’s unique though also has impeccable quality! The gorgeous charcoal gray color and sweet little ears make my heart sing! This amazing sweet little wolfy knitted bonnet is made from the softest alpaca yarn so it is sure to set your gallery apart. Here are three setups showcasing timeless, classic, and rustic inspired baby portraits with the cutest little hat you’ll ever see!

Three Ways to Use Baby Wolf Bonnet In Studio Newborn Photography

Part of being one of the Best Houston Newborn Photographers (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) is having a fantastic array of props on hand in my studio space. For instance, you’ll find vintage-inspired floor props, darling hats and bonnets that are handcrafted, as well as the daintiest of headbands, halos, and tiebacks for newborn baby girls. These elements, combined, create timeless, unique, and rustic baby portraits that truly stand the test of time.

This in mind, an infant wold hat is simply incredibly cute, unique, and hard to pass up when styling baby sessions! You won’t ever be dissapointed with your little wolf cub!

Baby in a bucket posing

gray animal hat for newborn photos

The first way to use an adorable wolf hat prop is to place baby in the forward facing pose, on their belly, in an antique, rustic floor prop such as a bucket. For little boys, I adore using classic color schemes such as grey as this will not only look amazing in any home decor, as the images are intended to be hung in your home, but also suggests baby’s gender and is neutral enough to shine anywhere! This baby boy, below, is named Cole and he visited for a full newborn session at my Houston Baby Portrait Studio when he was just about a week old. He is so handsome with a smoky gray color scheme such as ash, dove, stone and slate. There are truly more than 50 shades of grey, ha! This hat is special because it is hand crafted and different than the usual fox hats that are very popular now. In fact, to see more of Cole’s session, you may be interested in clicking over to the sibling, parent, and family poses to see him with his big brother. Moreover, check out 7 Tips to Rock Your Baby in a Bucket Pose!

Vintage-Inspired Newborn Wooden Bed Prop

newborn photography wolf prop bonnet

The second way to use an animal hat during a posed newborn session is placing baby on their back in a floor prop, such as the timeless and incredibly precious wooden bed prop. This is from one of my favorite vendors who makes all of my natural, wooden, and classic bed props. This little guy is named Henry. He was born in early February 2019, though spent many weeks in the NICU and so by the time he came home and was settled he had missed the traditional 14 day or newer time frame for his posed baby photo shoot. This in mind, I offer flexible scheduling for babies and the wrapped newborn session is the perfect way to showcase your little one, which is available up to 40 days old, for full term babies, and 13 weeks old for NICU stays. Here he is wrapped in the ‘tootsie’ style and his sweet chubby cheeks are just perfect!

Potato Sack Pose

newborn prop wolf hat

The third way to use a super cute, customized newborn baby wolf hat prop is to wrap baby in the popular potato sack pose and place them on their back. This style of newborn session wrapping is perfect for little ones who like to be swaddled. Not only is it super cozy but makes for the sweetest, timeless baby portraits! Together, there are three styles I utilize and this gives tons of variety. The baby seen here is named Theo and his parents are some of my favorite! They’ve been great clients over the years and have done about 15 sessions with me so far, ha! I am so honored to have the best clients in Houston support me. For Theo’s posed infant photos, the charcoal and heather grey mix is the perfect texture to show trendy themes but also remain perfectly classic. Remember: your gallery is meant to forever stand the test of time and authentically preserve the brand new baby time in your life. As a mother to four kiddos myself, I can attest how fleeting this time is so the styling is meant to be as timeless and classic as possible. The little wolf hat adorns his sweet face and I adore his hands folded beneath his chin!

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As always, thank you for visiting the blog! Here are a few more images of the hat in use. Wishing everyone a great week!

infant wolf costume prop
baby wolf hat with ears
baby wolf hat

18 Baby Smiles that’ll Give You All the Feels | Jolliest Little Ones on the Block

Check out the cutest babies in Houston! These happy grins are sure to make your day and melt your heart.

cute baby photos with smile.jpg

Is there anything sweeter in the world than a baby? There is something so special about working with a brand new infant. Hopes, dreams, and all the exciting things to come surround the session. Few things, however, are more joyful than a darling infant who has a huge smile on their face! You’re never sure when it will happen and it’s often very fast, but here and there it occurs and it’s simply amazing! When photographing a newborn, it feels like I won the lottery when we capture Baby’s smile! Not only is this heartwarming, but also makes the parents so happy to know we have caught something super rare! Some experts say grins are just gas, but as a mama to 4 precious kiddos, I still love to see those sweet, sleepy grins! If you’re having a weekday slump, prepare to swoon over 15 earthside angels who were sure to rock their posed newborn session with Sarah Borchgrevink!

18 Adorable Little Ones in the Studio

Babies smile in their sleep because they’re listening to the whispering of angels.
smiling newborn baby girl at 6 days old
portrait of one week old smiling baby on teal backdrop
beautiful smiling cute baby in bucket
adorable newborn child on green backdrop in froggy pose
baby sweetly smiling at 7 days old
playful baby smile portraits
cozy and sweet happy newborn baby boy
sweetest baby grin with newborn girl on lavender backdrop
precious baby girl with little smirk smile in newborn session
infant girl smiling in her sleep
closeup portrait of beautiful sleeping newborn boy
happy smiling baby with white bonnet in a farmhouse bowl
African american cute baby boy with bear hat smiling
beautiful infant boy on white backdrop smiling happily
angelic newborn boy smiling on blue backdrop
newborn child precious baby smiling in his sleep
closeup portrait of smiling African American infant sleeping
newborn boy smiling in trench prop in Houston baby photos

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As always, thank you for visiting my blog! If you are currently expecting your own baby or perhaps know someone who is, I absolutely would love to chat with you to see if we’re a good fit for one another. Currently I am accepting due dates into October 2019 so it is never too early to secure your appointment(s) on my calendar. Happy Wednesday, friends!

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Hello, World! Happy, Little, & Loved | Poses with Family, Siblings, and Both Parents

A new baby brings much joy and adventure to your home! Beautifully preserve this incredibly special time in your life with a custom newborn session for the whole family by Sarah Borchgrevink.

newborn family photography

Type of Combinations & Setups Offered:

At SBP there are currently, as of 2019, four main session types that encompass the first 14 days of life, specifically your newly earthside baby boy or girl. The bean bag and wrapped newborn sessions include the option to add family, sibling, or parent images, while the petite and full options include all things family. While there is no pressure to book one session over the other, these do appeal to many parents who would also like to participate in the spotlight! After all, Little One will only be small for a short time; as one of the top Houston newborn photographers, four years in a row, and also a Mama to four spirited kiddos, I can attest this time is fleeting.

There are three main components to this portion of your little one’s first professional photo shoot. These include the following:

  • Family as a whole

  • Parents

  • Sibling

    We generally spend about 30-35 minutes of our time together cycling through several setups and options so you’re sure to have a fantastic proofing gallery full of gorgeous setups, connections in which everyone interacts with Baby, and also traditional portraits, too. Much care and thought is put into the posing, lighting, wrapping, and preparation for your time in front of the camera. There is an even more detailed breakdown of behind the scenes at this post. There is also the option to read about an adorable, simple, and timeless gallery of first-time parents.

This blog post will showcase the groupings you can expect as well as the type of lighting and posing implemented. Let’s get started!

Baby + Family Photography

During time part of your baby’s session with Sarah we will spend plenty of time capturing your immediate family as a group, such as family images with the newborn and also any other kiddos you may already have. If you would like to bring Grandparents please let me know in advance and you made add them for a small fee if you would like to do so. Moreover, if you’re unsure about what to wear to Baby’s photoshoot, have no fear: all of this is covered in your newborn styling questionnaire.

We always use a solid backdrop, such as a rustic wall, and also use the all-white, gorgeous lighting that’s called back lit. Both types make for dynamic images, variety, and truly encompass all the beauty of your clan. It’s always nice to have a traditional, classic image in which everyone is smiling and looking happy! However, lifestyle options, in which everyone interacts and focuses on the youngest member, is also a wonderful addition to your gallery.

Houston family & baby photography
Family and Newborn Portraits in Houston TX
family with newborn baby photography
family photos with newborn baby
family photography poses with newborn baby
newborn family photography poses

Parents | Studio Poses with Mom & Dad

newborn photography with mom and dad

The second portion is an even smaller breakdown of our time together, too! The ‘parent’ portion includes both individualized setups of each parent with Baby, but also parents together. For instance, it is nice to have setups showcasing father and newborn photography, photos with both parents, mommy and new baby together, too, as all of these are part of your story. I am honored to capture these for you!

newborn photography with both parents
mom and newborn photography

Dad & Baby

If you’d like further reading on Safe Poses for Newborn & Father click on over for more details and explanations.

father and newborn photography
newborn photography with dad and baby
dad and newborn photography poses

Mom & Baby

A mother’s love knows no bounds. This post showcases my favorite poses and ways to showcase the bond and connections between new mommies and their cherub loves.

mom and newborn photography
newborn photography studio in Houston Texas
mom and newborn baby posing ideas
mom newborn photography


Newborn photography with sibling(s) is a very popular request! Like family and parent images, sibling setups include classic, rustic, and timeless images for a dreamy gallery of your little ones!

For more information ways I safely pose your new addition please click on over to 3 Safe & Simple Baby Photo Ideas with a Sibling.

newborn photography siblings
newborn sibling photography
big brother and newborn baby sibling
newborn baby brother and big sister poses
newborn sibling photography

Thank you for stopping by this week’s blog post to read about how we pose your family with the new bundle of joy! If you are currently pregnant I would love to connect with you below. I am currently booking posed, in-studio newborn sessions for March - October 2019. Appointments take place in my Houston Portrait Studio 6 days per week. See more information about online booking & scheduling as well as a fully transparent digital pricing guide with full resolution images for download.

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