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Seafoam Hues & Accents for Unique Color Schemes and Dreamy Skintones

Set your little one’s portrait apart with stunning colors

teal newborn boy photoshoot

When you book a professional posed newborn session with Sarah, you are going to receive a styling questionnaire. This questionnaire has you share colors you like and perhaps even a few you dislike. However, over the years I’ve worked in studio, I have found a common trend: sometimes parents are scared of color because they think it will be too brash or harsh again a their little bundle of joy’s skin.

Have no fear: through the use of studio lighting, top of the line camera gear, unique styling, and my vast array of luxury baby props color is my jam. This is how I create those ever so dreamy skin tones through the use of contrast.

You see, for my personal taste I like the baby to shine and to do so without distractions. Props are natural, timeless, and vintage-inspired so your gallery is forever in style. Think of it as a little black dress: always perfect, never dated.

While neutrals are a wonderful addition to posed sessions, I do urge you think about the following: if your home decor or nursery is neutral the pops of color can be breathtaking! For instance, if Baby is on a white backdrop, in a white picture frame, on a white wall they may blend in too much; however, with color, your baby will have fantastic skin tones, due to the contract, and the color will not make their skin look too dark.

In fact, I have noticed, when requesting colors, parents sometimes think about the colors they would use to decorate their homes versus colors that accent the decor in their home.

A few of my favorite colors from which to draw inspiration:

  • azure

  • teal

  • navy

  • royal blue

  • turquoise

  • green

  • aquamarine

  • blue-grey

  • indigo

  • cobalt

  • jade

  • sea foam

  • spinach

  • willow

  • olive

  • apple

  • chartreuse

And more!

You’ll always find a few neutral setups in each baby photography session I photograph, however, please allow me to introduce awe-inspiring setups reflecting a gorgeous yet timeless use of color sure to create unique works to adorn your walls.

n photography blue and green
jade green newborn boy photoshoot
sea green & teal boy posed in bowl
unique baby photography in Houston
aquamarine boy photoshoot baby photography
newborn girl photography ideas with turquoise
rich and vibrant teal colors during posed newborn photos
sage green accents newborn girl photography
turquoise and teal potato sack pose

As you can see, the color against Baby’s skin gives them such a creamy, soft gorgeous hue in their perfect chubby cheeks! These colors are my absolute favorite to work with and I’m also so pleased when parents give me creative freedom to showcase all the neat ideas with a newly arrived bundle of joy.

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As always, a huge thanks to visiting my blog! Please stay awhile and browse, I hope the images make you smile!

Think Inside the 610 Loop | New Studio located in Uptown Coming June 2019

Update: with construction & permits, the new studio is set to be finalized the first week of June 2019.

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is one of Houston’s Top Newborn, Baby, and Infant Photographers 2016 - 2019! See what’s new at the studio and learn more about the new location centrally located off San Felipe!

Good morning, friends! Today’s blog post is a formal announcement sharing information about the new studio that is available as of May 2019! Here’s everything you need to know about the new office space!

Centrally Located inside the 610 Loop

I am absolutely thrilled to share information about the new location for Sarah Borchgrevink Photography! As a professional portrait artist, I am moving my office and work space to a central area in Houston called Uptown. This is located off San Felipe and 610.

The address is the following:

4550 Post Oak Place, Suite 203, Houston TX 77027

newborn baby portrait studio in Houston

Dream Photography Studio | Floor Plan Overview

Below is a floor plan attached of the new space and the plans that are currently in place. The studio space is a 1,300 square foot office located inside of a commercial office building. The space is being fully renovated and remodeled to fit my timeless, classic, and vintage-inspired style of photography. This space is a complete dream and everything a professional baby photographer could ever want!

The studio is ideally located in the prestigious Post Oak Park near the Galleria, Williams Tower, Greenway Plaza, Texas Medical Center, Museum District, West University, Rice Village, Downtown Houston, Montrose, Upper Kirby, and the Heights.

studio newborn photography Houston

Studio features:

Inside the studio you will find the perfect floor plan for amazing baby photography and a wonderful experience for new parents. The studio features the following:

  • A lobby and reception area so parents have a comfortable place to wait. There are also snacks, of course, and a coffee bar. Inside this lobby area you’ll also find a playroom for young children to hang out in whilst their sibling is being photographed.

  • The mothers lounge is designed for the comfort of new mothers. This is a nursing, feeding, or resting room so you may feed your baby, in comfort and peace, before and after your session. I do have four young children myself and recognize that feeding Baby is a huge part of your day. This mothers room will allow you to relax and to leave your session so Baby has a full tummy for the car ride home.

  • The prop room has anything you could ever want for accessories! Inside my prop room, which is labeled storage, you will find a huge array of props, perfectly organized. Here is where I will keep my hundreds of props such as buckets, bowls, baskets, wooden bowls, newborn antique beds, hats, bonnets, headbands, wraps, textiles, backdrops, and more!

  • The all white lifestyle room for family, child, or maternity sessions. This room is going to feature a big white bed, white couch, and have beautiful flooring, crown molding, and floor to ceiling light to make for the dreamiest of sessions. This can be used for little sitter sessions, baby milestones, and even family photos during your newborn session. This room will focus on capturing families naturally and with connections.

  • The posed newborn room featuring backdrops, three custom wood walls, and comfortable seating for you during your time in studio. This room is about 500 square feet, within itself, and will have the same look at my current studio. This means I’ll be keeping the three rustic wood walls my husband, Kevin, designed for me as well as all of the seamless paper backdrops. Everything will be set up in advance for your session for a seamless experience.


The building has monitored security, ample surface parking plus controlled access to garage covered parking, as well as a deli downstairs.

Online Booking Available

A new feature that has recently been implemented is online booking for your sessions. This is how you seamlessly sign your contract, pay your deposit, and then select your session date & time from a calendar. This is designed for busy parents who like simplicity. See more about Booking Your Session Online.

Thank you for reading about my new centrally located baby portrait studio! I will be updating the blog with new information and photographs as construction is completed.

Forget the Fox! What Does an Adorable Baby Wolf Pup Say?

Custom and Handmade Newborn Baby Wolf Hat Prop

baby wolf costume newborn photography

What could possibly be cuter than a newly arrive little one? How about a precious baby boy adorned with the cutest animal baby wolf hat? This vintage-inspired handmade, made to order prop is a favorite of mine because it’s unique though also has impeccable quality! The gorgeous charcoal gray color and sweet little ears make my heart sing! This amazing sweet little wolfy knitted bonnet is made from the softest alpaca yarn so it is sure to set your gallery apart. Here are three setups showcasing timeless, classic, and rustic inspired baby portraits with the cutest little hat you’ll ever see!

Three Ways to Use Baby Wolf Bonnet In Studio Newborn Photography

Part of being one of the Best Houston Newborn Photographers (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) is having a fantastic array of props on hand in my studio space. For instance, you’ll find vintage-inspired floor props, darling hats and bonnets that are handcrafted, as well as the daintiest of headbands, halos, and tiebacks for newborn baby girls. These elements, combined, create timeless, unique, and rustic baby portraits that truly stand the test of time.

This in mind, an infant wold hat is simply incredibly cute, unique, and hard to pass up when styling baby sessions! You won’t ever be dissapointed with your little wolf cub!

Baby in a bucket posing

gray animal hat for newborn photos

The first way to use an adorable wolf hat prop is to place baby in the forward facing pose, on their belly, in an antique, rustic floor prop such as a bucket. For little boys, I adore using classic color schemes such as grey as this will not only look amazing in any home decor, as the images are intended to be hung in your home, but also suggests baby’s gender and is neutral enough to shine anywhere! This baby boy, below, is named Cole and he visited for a full newborn session at my Houston Baby Portrait Studio when he was just about a week old. He is so handsome with a smoky gray color scheme such as ash, dove, stone and slate. There are truly more than 50 shades of grey, ha! This hat is special because it is hand crafted and different than the usual fox hats that are very popular now. In fact, to see more of Cole’s session, you may be interested in clicking over to the sibling, parent, and family poses to see him with his big brother. Moreover, check out 7 Tips to Rock Your Baby in a Bucket Pose!

Vintage-Inspired Newborn Wooden Bed Prop

newborn photography wolf prop bonnet

The second way to use an animal hat during a posed newborn session is placing baby on their back in a floor prop, such as the timeless and incredibly precious wooden bed prop. This is from one of my favorite vendors who makes all of my natural, wooden, and classic bed props. This little guy is named Henry. He was born in early February 2019, though spent many weeks in the NICU and so by the time he came home and was settled he had missed the traditional 14 day or newer time frame for his posed baby photo shoot. This in mind, I offer flexible scheduling for babies and the wrapped newborn session is the perfect way to showcase your little one, which is available up to 40 days old, for full term babies, and 13 weeks old for NICU stays. Here he is wrapped in the ‘tootsie’ style and his sweet chubby cheeks are just perfect!

Potato Sack Pose

newborn prop wolf hat

The third way to use a super cute, customized newborn baby wolf hat prop is to wrap baby in the popular potato sack pose and place them on their back. This style of newborn session wrapping is perfect for little ones who like to be swaddled. Not only is it super cozy but makes for the sweetest, timeless baby portraits! Together, there are three styles I utilize and this gives tons of variety. The baby seen here is named Theo and his parents are some of my favorite! They’ve been great clients over the years and have done about 15 sessions with me so far, ha! I am so honored to have the best clients in Houston support me. For Theo’s posed infant photos, the charcoal and heather grey mix is the perfect texture to show trendy themes but also remain perfectly classic. Remember: your gallery is meant to forever stand the test of time and authentically preserve the brand new baby time in your life. As a mother to four kiddos myself, I can attest how fleeting this time is so the styling is meant to be as timeless and classic as possible. The little wolf hat adorns his sweet face and I adore his hands folded beneath his chin!

Before you go:

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As always, thank you for visiting the blog! Here are a few more images of the hat in use. Wishing everyone a great week!

infant wolf costume prop
baby wolf hat with ears
baby wolf hat