Introducing Soft Proofing & Next Steps to Expect | Receiving, Selecting & Downloading

Sarah Borchgrevink is a Houston Photographer offering fully inclusive digital collections. There are no in person sales appointments, reveals, or minimum print orders to receive a full resolution digital gallery of stunning, perfected images.

Hi, friends! Welcome! If you’re viewing this blog post, you may be curious on how clients receive their beautifully perfected digital gallery of images they may treasure forever. You’re in luck! Cozy up: I have all the information you need to make a decision on if SBP is a great fit for you!

Part of being one of the best and highest rated newborn, baby, and infant photographers in Houston is having a fully transparent pricing guide reflecting packages from which parents may select. Fully inclusive means the pricing on the guide includes everything from session design, props, styling, time & talent, editing, proofing, and then the downloading of your images. It is one flat rate without any hidden fees.

This in mind, the pricing guide will tell you how many photos you receive and you book the package based on what you’d like to receive. Simple, easy, transparent. As a mom to 4 young kiddos, I have modeled my business to reflect what I, as a parent, would like to receive.

14 Day Turnaround Time

  • 14 days after your session takes place you may expect a password-protected online gallery of digital images you may view from the comfort of your home.

  • If you would like to receive your images sooner you may purchase rush editing for an additional $200. Simply contact Sarah if this interests you. Final copies will be completed within 1 business day should you choose rush editing.

Soft Proofing & Studio Policy

SBP practices soft proofing on all galleries. Soft proofing means light edits are applied to the top images from your session. This allows me to retouch only the chosen images while showcasing many different images from which you'll select. You will see a large array of images from our time together; while each session is different you will have tons of options. Full edits such as skin smoothing, eye sharpening, teeth whitening, etc., are completed once you have selected your favorite images. Professionally enhanced final edits are finished within 3 business days after you select your images.

  • You will enter your private gallery through any device such as computer, tablet, or smart phone. You do need to use a laptop or PC to download the images, however! This will ensure they’re safely archived and you do not lose a USB or Disc.

  • Clients have 7 days to make their gallery selections.

  • After you select your images, you will receive the final within three business days.

Digital Download Policy

Once you receive your final gallery you have 30 days to download these images. After 30 days, the gallery is closed. There is an archival fee of $50 to reopen the gallery if the window passes. I hold onto final copies of edited jpegs to 12 business months. Clients are responsible for safely archiving their images into the cloud, onto an external hard drive, and also a computer of their choice for safekeeping. You will receive a list of three free cloud storage options you might consider.

Full Resolution Digital Files

All digital files given to clients at SBP are full resolution, meaning they are the absolute highest quality. You may print these images as large as you would like, typically up to 50”x60”, though there are labs that offer even larger sizes if needed. They are sized to 300 DPI for the best quality. Full resolution will prevent too much leaking, loss, and lack of image detail; the images are edited to reflect quality; your digital files are the same way.

How to Store Your Digital Files

After you download your photos, you will receive a list of wonderful labs from me so you know where to purchase you files. In that list, nonetheless, you’ll also find three free cloud storage systems I recommend which keep your images safely archived so if you do lose a laptop or your computer dies, the images are there for you.

Printing Needs & Recommendations

Immediately after your final gallery has been sent, SBP will follow up via e-mail with a list of great labs to consider for your printing needs. While professional products are available in your gallery this is just a perk for parents though not an obligation.

Screenshots of Gallery Are Prohibited

When viewing your proofing gallery please do not screenshot the images. This is image theft as the copyright remains with SBP. SBP reserves the right to cancel contracts based on screenshots with zero refund per this violation. SBP also reserves the right to permanently delete the session if the client chooses to breech the contract.

Retouching & Professionally Enhanced Portrait Policy

SBP includes standard editing such as white balance adjustment, skin smoothing, eye sharpening, removing trash or odd objects from the background. Complex editing, outside of the standard included edits, such as body slimming and contouring, body modification, removal of scars, heavy blemishes, braces removal are subject to an additional quote of $25 per image.

Option to Add Additional Digital Files to Your Package:

Your session comes with the number of digital files listed in your package. If you are interested in additional digital files, clients may purchase them once they have received the proofing gallery, which is available two weeks after your session takes place. All digital files at SBP are full resolution and may be printed as large as you wish. There is no obligation to purchase additional files, it is simply available if you’re interested in these.

  • $40 per la carte file

  • $150 for a grouping of 5

  • $200 for a grouping of 8

  • $350 for the entire gallery shown


  • Simple, transparent pricing with several options

  • Private galleries you may view from home

  • Education on where to archive and print your images

  • Zero hidden fees, in person sales appointments, or minimum print orders to receive digital gallery

  • Full Resolution Digital Files you may print up to 50”x60”

Questions? Feel free to touch base!

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