When is the Ideal Time to Schedule Your Posed Newborn Session?

Houston Newborn Photographer, Sarah Borchgrevink, shares important details about the ideal time to schedule your baby's first professional photography session.

Age Matters | Posed Newborn Appointments

When you first see the + sign on a pregnancy test, you're probably not thinking about when you should book your custom posed newborn portraiture session. That's perfectly okay! Awaiting the arrival of a new baby is full of excitement and many important details. There's numerous (and sometimes lengthy) doctor appointments, baby showers, nursery decor, prenatal classes, breastfeeding classes, and several other items that contend for your attention such as scheduling your maternity leave, etc. Pregnancy is a wonderful time but it's filled with hustle and bustle! 

In addition to the above, you're also thinking about your health and the responsibility of growing a new life: drinking plenty of water, sleeping enough, taking your prenatal pills, trying to get through morning sickness, figuring out when and how to announce, touring hospitals, etc. It's no wonder newborn photos are often put on the back burner.

Before I specialized in newborn portraits, I figured photographers took photos of babies at pretty much any time. I assumed that because baby is only a few months old, it did not matter. However, it does: age is one of the most important parts of having a successful newborn session.

The Best time to Book is the second trimester

Scheduling your baby's first photo-shoot in the second trimester is the most ideal time to book because this ensures you have an appointment on the photographer's calendar. Just because babies come on their own schedule does not mean photographers book babies once they're actually earth side. Part of offering a luxury service is having a calendar full in advance, but also taking a limited number of appointments so each client can have the attention to detail they deserve. This includes consultations and designing a beautiful, timeless baby session for your little cherub. By booking in advance, you're sure to have an appointment when your baby is the right age.

For example, I take 15 due dates per month as of 2018. This keeps me very busy. In addition to my photography sessions, I also have many business tasks, as I am a full time business owner, and I cannot take last minute appointments typically since I usually will have a deadline or consultation already scheduled for that day.

Furthermore, finding the right newborn photographer can take time. It's a lot of research and many important factors to consider, such as the 9 Questions You Should Always Ask.

When do newborn sessions take place?

Newborn sessions at Sarah Borchgrevink Photography take place when the baby is 5-8 days new if they're a full term baby. Premature babies have more flexibility in scheduling, however. I will take newborns up to 30 days if needed, though I rarely go this old since the older baby is, the less the cooperate. Around 14 days old, the baby becomes very alert and does not sleep through the posing, wrapping and all of the set ups.

For scheduling, I have parents notify me when baby has arrived. Afterward, parents are sent 3-4 dates from which they may select. By booking early, your due date secures the appointment on the calendar and makes sure I don't book too many newborns in the same time frame as you. 

Newborns have top priority on the calendar. Babies come when they come.

By booking in advance, you're sure to have an appointment during the optimal time listed above, which is 5-8 days new. For instance, I have four young children myself and with my last baby, I booked his newborn session with a professional photographer when he was 16 weeks new. It was very important to me I have my preferred portrait artist and I made sure I secured her talent so we can have her stunning work on our walls. :-) 

What can you expect?

At my photography studio, expect to have an absolutely stunning newborn session! I delight in working with brand new babies + their darling parents. This time in life is beyond special and precious; there is something almost sacred about the first few weeks as parents bond with their new baby. You can expect the most lovely posing, organic wrapping and textile, hand made and custom props, as well as baby to be at peace. Baby's session should evoke a sense of tender, unconditional love. 

Sample Images of Babies Who Visited at 5-8 Days New

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