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Good morning! I have been very busy with family, child and newborn sessions, though I am ahead of my business timeline for the week so I have a little time to do a personal blog post  which showcases Lucy, my 14 month old and youngest ginger kiddo. While autumn is upon us, the park has been a little warm so I often let Lucy play in our backyard since it’s shaded. However, she also loves to play in the hose. As a parent, my philosophy is to let them be little. As a photographer, my goal is to photograph my kiddos and their childhood in the most honest manner possible. They’re only little for a small time and while the days can sometimes feel long, there is also a tenderness and vulnerability to this time. You are their whole world. You are everything – their sun, their moon – their life. There will be a time in which you miss the pitter pattering of small feet or the echo of their laughter down your hallway; you will long to feel her kicking in your belly, or clean up Goldfish from the carpet. Parenthood is an all-consuming journey – one of which is full of beautiful moments that make your heart so full it could burst with the love it holds. This in mind – let them be little. Let them get messy. Let things be perfectly imperfect and chaotic and soulful. Don’t forget to grab your camera but also to embrace the spirit of your child and to enjoy the moments with them.

Side note: I used a 35 mm f/1.4 ART here and my Canon 6d.

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As you can see, my back patio is not clean. We have friends over a lot to BBQ (as my husband loves to smoke pork, brisket, ribs, ect) and things never seem to get cleaned up. And that's okay because life doesn't have to be perfect and it's sometimes a wee bit messy. We live in this society where Pinterest pins often motivate us to do certain things and there's this pressure for a project to always be on your desk. It doesn't have to be that way, either. I am a busy working mama, and time with my little one often trumps my to do list.

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Afterwards, I wrapped Lucy in a warm, fluffy towel (straight from the dryer) and let her run around in her diaper. I visited Costco earlier that morning, so we had some big 'ol boxes lying around. She snuggled up in one of the boxes with her special blanket and then watched "Daniel the Tiger". Yup. That's the perfect way to end a back patio splash event!

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Located in Cypress, a suburb of Northwest Houston TX, Sarah Borchgrevink captures natural light portrait photography. She currently documents the custom art of newbornmaternityfamily and children/babies milestones. Investment for professional services begins at $230.00 and includes high resolution digital files, released printing rights, social media sized copies for sharing with family and friends, and impeccable heirloom products to purchase. If you're curious about the experience with Sarah, browse reviews, too.  Please contact Sarah or connect via Facebook for more information.