FAQ From Clients: What to Wear to Baby's Newborn Photo Session

In Studio Family Photos during Newborn Session: What Should Parents or Siblings Wear?

Booking your baby's first professional portraits is truly exciting! You've waited months to meet the baby and have dreamed of holding them in your arms! Now that you've selected your photographer and are gearing up for a great session, you may be a little unsure what to wear to your newborn session. Have no fear! As a professional newborn photographer plus mom (I mean, I DO have four kiddos!) I know how important these images are to you. You'll treasure them forever. You would like to look and feel your best. I'm here to guide you and provide an amazing, laid back experience for you new parents.

what to wear to baby's newborn photo shoot

Creams, Beige, and White | Top Colors that Photograph Best

what to wear to your newborn pictures

When your baby arrives, you'll receive a newborn prep guide from me. This is a detailed guide that tells you everything to expect, such as how to prepare your new arrival for the spotlight, but also covers when your family images will take place and how to dress for those. In my studio, I use a large wood wall for the photos. Because it's rustic, I prefer neutrals and lighter tones against the dark wood. My least favorite options are black and prints; my favorite is always beige, cream, taupe, ecru, white, etc. These tones are natural, classic, and will not detract for your little one during the session.

The V-Neck for Dad | Classic, Clean,Timeless

newborn session tips for parents

One of my favorite poses of Dad and Newborn Baby is when Dad is holding the baby against his chest; I love how Dad is the protector here. Baby is so small and new they literally fit in the palm of Dad's hand. During this portion, a v-neck that's fitted is a great outfit choice because it will forever be classic. There are no distracting prints or colors; Dad's arms are also showcased in comparison to the tiny newborn so it makes for a beautiful image! Any brand of these v-neck t-shirts is totally fine. Some parents buy them at Target or you can also find them at stores such as JCrew. Most men already have these in their closet, so it's one less thing to worry about on the morning of baby's photography session. For all of my family and parent posing, the baby is wrapped in a simple style so they're the perfect little bundle of joy you can hold. I always pull a wrap that looks nice against the cream or lighter tones I prefer you wear.

Simple Top or Maxi Dress for Mom

newborn photography what parents should wear

Moms are usually most nervous about the family photos because they worry about how they'll look. All photos, however, at my studio are hip up so baby is the star. I pose baby so you they act as a prop. I typically don't do a lot of images in which Mom is staring into the camera and smiling; it's more about connecting with your baby. A great idea for Mom to wear is a maxi dress or even the maternity gown from the baby shower, or, if you had pregnancy portraits with me, you probably purchased a dress for those images. You can definitely wear the same dress again. Not only will this makes thing easier for you, the dresses are usually jersey knit, which is a breathable textile. It's stretchy, soft, and you'll be able to move easily.


Sibling: Jean or khakis +A Light Cotton Top

sibling and newborn photography

The sibling portion always makes mom's heart soar! This is a very popular request for sessions and we set aside an additional 30 minutes for these setups. I like to pose the older sibling on their back while the eldest child holds the new baby. This is a safe way for them to interact without worrying if the baby will be dropped. A neutral colored flokati, such as cream or white, is a really pretty option here. Little ones look super precious in classic, natural attire such as dark wash blue jeans, perhaps even khaki pants, and then a simple top in a lighter color, such as beige, cream, white, or tan. 

Thanks for stopping by to see my favorite colors in the studio, plus some tips on what to wear for our time together in the studio! 

Let's recap this post:

  • Avoid bright colors, such as neon or even dark tones, such as black

  • Maxi dresses or light, airy tops are great for Mom

  • V-neck t-shirts are fabulous for Dad

  • Sibling looks adorable in simple top and dark wash jeans

  • Target, Kohls, J-Crew, or even Amazon are great resources for shopping. Your own closet is full of inspiration I bet, too!

If you are pregnant and are thinking about booking a professional newborn portrait artist in the Houston area, I would love to be considered for your photo needs! Let's chat! I look forward to hearing more about your family.