Tiny Details Tell Big Stories through Breathtaking Macro Photography

Close-Up Details of New Babies Make for Soulful Yet Stunning Galleries

newborn baby macro photography

When booking a portraiture session with Sarah Borchgrevink Photography, macro images are highlighted throughout our time together. As a mother to four young children (Emma, Lucy, Amelia, and Jack!) I can attest that the unique characteristics of your little one will make your heart sing!

F.A.Q From Parents | ‘What are Macro Images?”

tiny details newborn photography

A popular question I receive from expecting parents is, “what are the photos called in which it’s an up-close detailed photo of the baby?” The answer is simple: macro photography is simply extreme close-up photography; in the world of custom newborn portraiture, which is my specialty, these are everything good and beautiful about your precious baby. Eyelashes, tufts of hair, toes, lips, profile, hands - it’s all fearfully and wonderfully made.

Moreover, these darling details in which you’ll dote are featured in all packages including the wrapped newborn session, bean bag session, full, and also the petite package.

Amazing & Unique

The smallest details make the biggest impact on your heart.

newborn baby macro photography

Part of being one of the Best Houston Newborn Photographers (2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019) is creating breathtaking works of art through timeless, vintage-inspired scenes. Macro images are both unique and amazing because they showcase what is distinct about your own bundle of joy. Each baby is their own person. Years from now, when your little one is grown, you’ll fondly look back on the images of them as they became part of this world. Providing cherished heirlooms is of the utmost importance to me and creating unique yet classic images that preserve your cherub is my ultimate goal.

Lashes, lips, button noses, and more!

macro photos in newborn photography
up-close detail of newborn hands
photographing close-up details of infants
best baby macro photos
newborn macro features by sarah borchgrevink
macro lens newborn photography
houston newborn photography

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