What’s in my camera bag? Must Have Lenses & Gear for Baby Photographers

Best Canon Lenses for Newborn Photography | Recommendations for Accessory and Gear

Hey, friends! Welcome to my blog! Today’s post is taking a little break from showcasing a typical posed session and focuses on the technical side of photography: the gear! Now, I know you’re thinking that a fancy camera is all you need to take amazing newborn images; a great camera body is an awesome foundation, nevertheless, there are several lenses you need, too, to ensure top quality!

A little background about me, especially if this is your first time visiting! My name is Sarah Borchgrevink (Bork-grey-veenk) and I’m a professional portrait artist in Houston! I specialized in those brand new, squishy images of earthside cherubs, preferably in the first 14 days of life! I have photographed over 900 newborns to date and average around 250 babies per year. This in mind, having the best gear accessible to my studio is a huge priority of mine! Let’s get started on 5 items you cannot live without!

Full Frame Camera Bodies | Team Canon!

best camera for newborn photography

Before we get started you should know that both Canon and Nikon are fantastic options! I would compare them to luxury car brands such as BMW or Lexus: ultimately, it comes down to which body you prefer and what feels “best” in your hands, similar to test driving a vehicle before making a final purchase. I personally am team Canon! I started with this brand and have been a loyal customer.

I have the following full frame camera bodies in my studio:

What Lenses for Posed Infant Photography?

Now that you’ve read about the two camera bodies I keep on hand, and use at the same time, I am super excited to share my three favorite lenses I utilize for each and every little one who visits! While I have several other prime lenses that I use for my outdoor work, these are the must haves when working with newborn babies.

Unique Lens to Create Works of Creative Art | 100 mm

newborn photography lenses

Of all my lenses, the 100 mm macro is a complete & total dream! This lens makes me so excited and happy to work with little ones because it focuses on all things details. Macro images are a huge part of my newborn photography; this gives your gallery a soulful dynamic and truly sets your images apart! A common question I receive, from parents, is ‘What are macro images?”

Macro images is simply photography producing photography of small items larger than life size. This means the up-close details of your little one, such as their lips, eye lashes, toes, hands, etc., essentially the characteristics that shine through and give your baby their own unique aspect.

Macro lenses are how you create unique and artistic images highlighting the absolute breathtaking beauty in a brand new little one!

newborn macro features
newborn photography tips
photographing up close details of babies
using a macro lens for newborn photography
best newborn photography lenses

The Ultimate Workhorse | Nifty Fifty Redefined as a Sigma ART

what lens for newborn photography?

Okay, y’all: about 60 percent of my newborn sessions are shot with the nifty fifty, specifically the Sigma ART. I adore this lens. Sharpness, crisp imagery, low light aperture, but also a tank that holds up over time! This is a must have lens for newborn photography because it versatile; most of the cropping is done in camera to result in higher image quality and it also has less distortion since it’s also a longer focal length than the 35 listed below. Now, this lens will truly rock your world! Moreover, the background compression is just enough for a posed baby session so you can see all the features of a wee one without having to worry you’ll lose too much of the focus.

newborn photography 50 mm
best newborn lens for professional photography
what do i need for newborn photography
best lens for newborn photography
baby photography lens recommendations

A nice addition & perspective | 35 mm

essential newborn photography must haves

The 35 mm f/1.4 ART was my favorite newborn lens for the first few years I photographed my petite clients; however, overtime it became a runner up to the ever so special lenses listed above. While this is not my favorite lens anymore, you still can’t be without it, HA! Let me explain. I totally understand I have contradicted myself. This lens allows you to do something super unique and special: composite your own froggy poses. Yes, I do these myself. Yes, I have taken newborn workshops and mentoring. Yes, I am always practicing safety. The 35 allows you to also have interesting perspectives such as overhead photos, too! While the 50 is my preference the 35 will always be special because of those two advantages.

newborn froggy pose composite
how to pose baby in froggy with composite
35 mm newborn photography lens

In conclusion, the gear listed above are my recommendations for awesome newborn photography! However, these are just simple tips and tricks; many artists use different lenses and there is no “correct” way to photograph newborns as long as you’re doing so safely. Newborn photography is absolutely a journey and we all start somewhere with our gear.

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