Spring Has Sprung! Botanic Infant Photography featuring Florals and Greenery

The studio welcomes the 2019 Spring Season with decorative blossoms, garland,and blossoms for the freshest baby bud newborn photography in Houston!

spring inspired baby portraits

In honor of the first official day of spring, which is March 20th, I’m super stoked to share images inspired by love of florets, perennials, vines, and all things beautiful. As a professional newborn, baby, and infant portrait artist, I am inspired by a love of color, textures, and seasonal items, such as the freshness you find from floral items. If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! I’m excited you’re here and I hope you cozy up and smile when you see the cutest babies who have visited! Let’s get started!

Spring Is in the air!

Spring is in the air and is finally here! Not only do we have longer days, as daylight savings time is currently in effect, things just feel lighter and even more hopeful! While Houston does not have a huge array of seasons, we are always thankful for a reprieve from the heat, but this past winter has been pretty bleak for our Gulf Coast city, so seeing blue skies and less rain has been an absolute joy!

What does Spring Symbolize?

Fun fact: spring often symbolizes new life. Pairing greenery and flowers with the birth of a new baby is a creative way to showcase all the newness and sacred joy in bringing home an adorable bundle! Joy and love, moreover, are also symbolized through spring and few things such as love, hope, youth, and growth are embodied quite the way a new arrival showcases so this in mind, one cannot help but see the parallels between the season and births.

Baby Milestone Sessions | 6-12 Months New

milk bath idea with one year old infant girl

Baby and Infant Milestone Sessions take place in my Houston Photography Studio 6 days per week and are truly a huge treat to photograph! In fact, part of why these are so special is many of my clients, ages 3-12 months old, start out as newborn clients, or even maternity, so seeing them sit up unassisted, smash cakes, play in the bubble bath, and embody all things chubby and sweet baby, is a really fun morning! There is a very popular set of memberships for these clients, too, so click on over to this post to see more details about these.

Now that you know a little more about what constitutes infant photography, I adore using greenery, eucalypti, garland, vines, etc.

Favorite colors I also like to have on hand:

  • mint

  • corals

  • pale green hues such as sage

  • peaches

  • lavender

  • pale pink

  • cream

  • leafy green

baby photography with plant decor and garland
garland and leaves spring inspired infant photography
infant baby boy photography spring photoshoot
spring baby photography

Custom Newborn Photography | First 14 days of Life

newborn photography spring

In the world of photographing newly arrived cherubs there are several styles though mine can be described as posed portraiture within a studio setting, as this is where my sessions take place, and everything is posed, so that all of the details are perfect and showcase your little one as the amazing little angel they are! They’re truly a gift and all of the little details matter from macro images, buckets and floor props, wrapping, family and sibling portraits, and of course bean bag posing, too! Creating stunning works of baby art gives me life and I’m super stoked about these springtime renewal setups below. Keep scrolling to see more!

spring has sprung newborn photography
springtime inspired baby photos
Houston newborn photography spring colors
Spring Florals and Decor during Posed Newborn Photos
best spring newborn pictures
springtime inspired newborn baby photos
choosing colors and flowers for newborn session
floral newborn session with newborn baby girl pictures
greenery and garland baby girl photoshoot
baby pictures with garland
how to take gorgeous floral wreath inspired photos
best Newborn Photography Houston
newborn girl pictures with pretty flowers and garland
fresh flowers with newborn photos ideas
Floral Baby with Coral Color Scheme Photography

As always, friends, thank you for visiting! I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to spend time in my own little creative corner of the earth. I am excited to share I am accepting due dates well into 2019, such as October, so if you know someone who is currently expecting please know I adore referrals. If you’re the lucky lady, however, who is growing their own bundle of joy I would also love to work with you!

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