Breathtaking Backlit Photography for Timeless, Airy, and Dreamy Portraits

Ethereal Backlighting for Stunning Newborn and Family Sessions

Houston newborn photo studio

In my Houston Newborn, Baby, and Infant Portrait Studio you’ll find amazing lighting that makes for stunning images! One of my favorite ways to light my subjects is called “backlighting” which is simply a controlled technique in which a light is placed behind or at the proper angles to produce a separation between the subject and the background. The end result is heavenly and absolutely beautiful. These take place during each session and parents always select these during their proofing.

When booking your preferred portrait artist it is always a great idea to peruse their portfolio and see if the type of work they produce makes your heart sing. Each photographer has their own style and branding behind the images; for instance, at SBP, the heart of the styling, shooting, and editing is dreamy, rustic, and timeless. 30 years from now the images will not look dated and instead the images are all about the subject, interactions, and embracing the spirit of this momentous time in your life.

Preserving Family Bonds | Examples of Backlit

When you visit for your baby’s first professional photo shoot, we’ll cycle through several setups such as family, sibling, parents, dad with newborn, and mommy with the new baby, too! You may be interested in reading more about the family portion posing, too!

backlighting photography examples

You’ll be told what to wear to the session and even given a styling questionnaire to ensure your favorite colors make their way into our session. When photographing a new family from the backlit perspective, I love to see you in solid colors; neutrals are the most timeless and fantastic colors for this part of your session.

bright backlit photography

When using the all white, bright light the focus is interacting with one another. I may have Dad kiss Baby, Mom smile down at Baby, or perhaps have parents look into one another’s eyes and think about how much they love the new addition.

backlit photography with flash

We also focus on family bonds and incorporating the older sibling, too, if you have another little one. As a mama to four young kiddos, I can attest you’ll treasure this portion of your gallery!

backlighting photography studio

We’ll also take time to photograph each parent with your earthside cherub, too, and the white light will frame beautifully in any home decor.

using backlit photography in newborn photos
baby and family portrait studio Houston

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If you’re a fan of all things classic, timeless, rustic, and dreamy, I would love to provide you with cherished heirlooms of your precious family. I am currently booking due dates into October of 2019. Let’s chat and connect!

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