Baby’s Unique Features| Macro Details Included for a Soulful Gallery

Creating Stunning works of Newborn Fine Art through the Use of Impeccable Macro Images

Breathtaking images of your sweet little baby

Before I was a mama to four little ones, I thought all babies were the same once born. However, now that I specialize in posed newborn portraiture, I can attest this is anything but true. Newborns are absolutely perfectly, wonderfully and fearfully made. They are all unique, individual and even from the first few days old, have their own spirit setting them apart.

This inspires me to focus on macro images in all of my posed sessions. You see, having a soulful final gallery is of the utmost importance to me. I set your galleries apart by including unique color schemes, cozy wrapping, newborn safety, and also focusing on spectacular macro photos of your precious bundle of joy. 

Parents often ask, "what's a macro image?" The answer is simple! Macro images are a type of photography. The skill is photographing the objects very close to the lens, thus showcasing all of the special details. You use a special kind of lens for this, as a typical portrait or telephoto lens cannot do the trick. Here's the Canon 100 mm f/2.8L professional grade I keep on hand in my studio.

Macro images make my mama heart so happy because this makes you baby's features truly unique! Your baby has their own profile, set of toes, sweet chubby chin, and darling eyelashes. Their tufts of hair and lips beckon to be photographed. Your little one will never be this small. the newborn stage is only the first few weeks of life. Macros are included to preserve this stunning time in your life. You will look back on your gallery and enjoy reminsicing over the time in which baby is just becommong part of this world.

Recent macro images | favorites from in studio

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