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See the cutest newborn, family, parent, and sibling images from last week!

Newborn Family Photography in Houston Texas

Of all the photos you’ll ever have taken of your new arrival, the family, parent, or sibling images will resonate timelessly throughout baby’s life. These images reflect the love and bond between a brand new baby and their parents. This is when little one has just began to be part of this world and they truly fit in the palm of your hand. Never will they be this small; smell this way, or touch your heart as sweetly. As one of Houston’s Top Newborn Photographers, I delight in offering packages that reflecting classic and stunning studio portraiture work. Family, parent, and sibling setups are wonderful to document. Here’s who visited last week!

Baby Boy Quinn

 newborn family photography.jpg

Congratulations to Jessica and Matt! Quinn is such a handsome little fella; weighing 6 pounds, 6 ounces he is truly a bundle of joy. He is their first baby and was an absolute joy to photograph as his session reflected a Woodlands Creatures Theme with furry, sweet animal friends. Mom and Dad booked the popular ‘petite’ newborn package, which is ideal for first time parents. This newborn family pose is one of my favorites as hands are on baby and show how sweet, little, and precious they are. Congrats to the L Family! All my joy to you on this new adventure with your beautiful son!

Sweet Sisters | Amal & Mia

 sibling sister newborn posing

The wrapped newborn mini with family add on (an additional $150) is the perfect session for babies who have missed the traditional 14 days or less for scheduling. Amal visited my Houston Baby Portrait Studio at a little over 3 weeks old. Mia, three years old, is the best big sister! Sibling and newborn photography can sometimes be a little spirited, but Mia was a rock star and one of the best big sisters I’ve ever had in studio! For their sibling portion we did two different set ups: one of Amal holding Mia on a white, fluffy flokati rug and another where Mia was in the bucket and she gently kisses and hugs sister.

 newborn sibling photography ideas

As you can see, Amal is snugly and posed perfectly in one of the many buckets you’ll find in my studio! Her head full of gorgeous dark hair is adorned with a precious headband. Sibling images will make their mother’s heart soar! What a sweet pair of little girls. I am honored to have worked with them.

 newborn photography siblings

The Garcia Family

The Garcia family visited with their brand new little girl, who weighs 9 pounds, such a squish! They chose the full newborn session, which is an amazing option for parents seeking a large variety of images for our time together. Your baby is only small for a few short weeks so sometimes parents will book the largest package to ensure they have as many photos as they could possibly need.

 studio family photography houston
 newborn and both parents photography

Working with new parents and their earth side babies is an absolute dream! When posing Mom and newborn baby, or dad and their little one, we we use two different backdrops: one is the custom wood wall that is a complete show stopper! The other is the classic white background in my studio featuring gorgeous light that is effortlessly beautiful. Both make for an incredible gallery!

The Wolf Family | Returning Clients

About two years ago I had the honor of visiting their beautiful home for an in home lifestyle newborn session; at the time I was still offering family sessions in my clients’ homes. However, I have since moved to where I specialize in posed newborn photography within a studio setting; this in mind, the Wolf family came to me this time for their images of their second little one, Abby! Big Brother Benjamin is even more precious than the last time I saw him! He was all smiles and full of pride as we photographed the entire family with little sister. Many thanks to the Wolf’s for choosing me a second time. I loved working with you again!

 family of four newborn session

Father and Newborn Son | Favorite Angle

Colt is the a miracle baby (see more of their post here with Love Story of Ashley and Justin). During our full newborn session, Baby Boy is posed in many different setups such as Dad and Baby. I love this angle because it shows all of Baby’s beautiful features as well as the chest of Dad protecting his little one. Colt is also a baby plan client so I worked with Ashley & Justin on their maternity session, newborn session, too, and will also be seeing them for their 6 month sitter and 12 month cake smash and splash session. Thank you to the R family for choosing me!

 father and newborn photography

Thanks for visiting to see the sweetest parent, family, and sibling images from last week! While you’re here you may enjoy reading about the following:

Houston Newborn Photography Price

New Packages for Sitter and Baby Milestones

Now Booking Spring 2019 Due Dates

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Harris County. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, West University and Rice Village.

Oh Baby! Age Matters | Now Booking into April 2019 Spring Due Dates

Houston Infant Photographer, Sarah Borchgrevink, shares details on when to book your posed newborn session + shares availability about the 2019 calendar!

 best age to get professional baby photos

Hi, friends! Greetings! Today is an exciting post because I am excited to share I am now taking Spring 2019 due dates for my most petite, precious clients. Earthside cherubs are an absolute dream to photograph! Capturing this incredibly sweet time as you welcome your new baby into this world makes my heart soar. However, I do receive many inquiries from parents about when they should book their newborn session; furthermore, I sometimes have to decline sessions because the calendar is either full when parents contact me once Baby is born, or their baby has already reached the age limit for newborn photography.

When to take baby pictures?

 2 week old newborn pictures

The best time to have a professional newborn session of your recent arrival is when they're 5-9 days fresh and new. This is when Baby is most curly, sleepy, and is able to be molded into those precious, darling photos of squishy naked posing. While this may seem very early, to capture the type of images you see in my posed baby photography portfolio, earlier is best. Age does matter. They're able to sleep through many setups and you're given a great prep guide to ensure you have a successful session at my Houston Newborn Photography Studio.

Booking Early Is Best | Here's Why

 spring newborn photography

Booking your newborn session before baby arrives is best! You see, if you contact your preferred photographer when Baby is already born, there is most probably already sessions scheduled on the days your little one will be 5-9 days old. As one of the Best Professional Newborn Photographers in Houston (voted 2016, 2017, 2018 - hopefully 2019, too, ha!) I photograph sessions almost daily. Securing your due date on the calendar early makes booking easier for you, and once your baby arrives, you simply let me know, I send you 4 dates, and then design a gorgeous session for you based on your color preferences. 

Due Dates act as a placeholder

 best time to schedule a newborn photography session

At Sarah Borchgrevink Photography, there are around 20-24 newborn appointments available per month. Newborn sessions take place 7 days/week between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM, in the studio, located near Barker Cypress/290 in NW Houston. Now! 24 appointments sound like a lot of options, but these fill up very fast. I take 24 due dates/month because each client is given 4 appointments to select from once their baby is born. Your due date acts as a placeholder so I do not book too many newborns. This is in addition to my Baby Milestone Photography sessions, outdoor maternity or family photography, too, so 24 is the max number the studio can allow for.

 book newborn session before baby arrives
  • Your due date is placed on the calendar; we expect Baby to make their grand entrance around two weeks before or even after your estimated arrival for Baby.
  • Whether Baby is early, late, or right on time, you're guaranteed 4 dates from which you may select. Sessions typically take place at 5-9 days new, though the wrapped newborn mini session is available up to 30 days old (though is still best in the first 14 days of life).
  • Booking early ensures there is plenty of space for your baby.
  • The second trimester is ideal for securing your appointment on the calendar, though sometimes last-minute appointments do open up, such as when a newborn comes early, so that means another appointment is available now.

Now Booking Spring 2019 Due Dates 

The calendar for posed baby and family photography sessions is now open into Spring 2019. Mothers who are due in March and April, for instance, are now contacting me to book their sessions. To get the booking process started, simply visit the contact page and submit an inquiry; feel free to share any details about your pregnancy or due date for your little one.

 when to book newborn photography

Newborn Session Details 

Congratulations on your little one, by the way! This is super exciting and I am thrilled for you! I have four little ones myself (Emma, Lucy, Amelia, and Jack) and because I am a mom + full time business owner, I have a special insight into how precious and fleeting the newborn time is. Booking your newborn session with me guarantees an amazing experience; not only do I have a fantastic studio stocked with all the props you could ever need, I am fully vaccinated, insured, and run a legal business, so you can be sure to know your baby's safety and the final product is of the utmost importance to me. Everything is provided for the session, except the baby, of course, ha!

Newborn Photography Houston Pricing

A fully transparent and easy to understand pricing guide is readily available to you. There are 4 packages to consider: (1) wrapped newborn mini session, (2) bean bag mini, (3) petite, and (4) full. Each package features different options to cater to a variety of budgets. Part of offering an amazing experience for parents is making things as easy as possible for them: that begins with transparent pricing reflecting top quality newborn images.

Newborn packages begin at $400 + tax. 

  • To secure an appointment, there is a $100 non-refundable retainer that is applied to your overall balance of whichever package you select. 
  • A signed portraiture agreement is also included in the booking process. You may sign this online and also fulfill your invoice online. The following are accepted: all credit cards, debit cards, and personal checks.
  • Final invoices are due the day before your actual session takes place. Like your retainer and contract, you may do so online. 
  • Newborn sessions take place between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM in my studio. I do not offer in-home sessions at this time as the look of my newborn photography cannot be replicated in a home environment, such as a nursery. Earlier is better though: newborn sessions are best in the morning. 
  • Everything is provided for styling
  • Two weeks after your appointment, you recieve your gallery of images that are included in your package. There are no hidden fees, minimum print orders, or in person sales appointments. Parents have the flexiblity, ease, and comfort to select images in their own time, in their own home. 

Get the booking process started

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Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Harris County. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, West University and Rice Village

Beloved Sessions of July 2018 | Bellies, Babies, Families, & Newly Earth side

Serving the Entire Houston Area, as well as surrounding suburbs, Sarah shares highlights from favorite clients of July 2018.

Memorable Moments | Cherished Clients + Beloved & Treasured Images

Greetings, friends! Today's blog post shares a handful of the sweetest clients in town! Once a month, I truly enjoy showcasing highlights from all the different session types such as pregnancy portraits, baby milestone photography, outdoor family photos, and of course the 4 different affordable newborn packages I offer for parents to consider. Let's get started!

Family Outdoor Photography 

 best family photographer houston

At Sarah Borchgrevink Photography, there is the option to book (2) different type of family portraiture sessions. One is called the 'classic', the other the 'simple'. These take place in a curated location list, provided to you, upon booking and there are two appointments from which you may consider: sunrise or sunset. Of course, the time in which the sun rises, or sets, varies in Houston, so depending on the time of year you book, this is how you know when your session takes place. The N family, seen to the left, is a long time returning client of mine! I adore their baby boy, Carter, and loved photographing his wrapped newborn mini session last year! Now he is one year old and we preserved this milestone with an outdoor, natural light session in NW Houston. Mom and Dad's outfits are absolute perfection! Don't be afraid of colors like black and even mixing them in with neutrals; in a location that has greenery, you will stand out. For our time together, we chose a sunrise session, which is around 6:30 AM during the summer. While these sessions are really early, it's a good option for working parents. 

 professional photographers houston

The 'Eldred' family is one of my best family photography clients! They're Baby Plan Membership clients, too, which means they have priority on the calendar and have secured sessions for their little girl, Addy's, first year of life. For our time together, they chose the sunset appointment and we used a location in Coles Crossing, which is located in Cypress, Texas. I've had many other sessions with them, too, such as fall family photos, 6-month sitter images, 12-month birthday photos, and even spring family photography in an outdoor session. Essentially, they love to use natural light and have laid back, connected posing. I look forward to seeing them again in November!

 houston family portraits

The 'Straum' family is an absolute dream! They booked their session several months ago, but we've been in contact chatting about the perfect outfits, location, and even sharing fun things about their kiddos so I have a chance to know them better. Four beautiful little girls who were truly some of the best behaved children I've ever photographed! Moreover, we used a stunning location with overhanging trees and gorgeous evening light. I am going to write a separate blog post next month about how to style your family effortlessly through the help of Target.

Affordable Newborn Photography Packages 

There are (2) new packages catering to affordable newborn photography in Houston. The 'wrapped mini' and the 'bean bag mini' are still available on a trial period. Both options are $450 or less for a stunning set of images featuring your precious baby as the star. The 'full' and 'petite' sessions are a flat rate, too, with no hidden fees, minimum print orders, or even in person reveals or sales appointments, though the two mini sessions are specifically designed to be short, sweet, and showcase your baby in a pure, classic, timeless, and rustic styling. Part of being a great option for parents to consider is offering completely transparent pricing that is easy to understand, book, and will authetnically preseve baby's milestones.

 affordable newborn photography houston

Maelyn Elizabeth is a perfectly petite princess; her sweet parents reside in Cypress, Tx and were the perfect newborn clients! They chose the wrapped newborn mini session with styling reflecting her gorgeous nursery colors, such as tan, cream, taupe, cherry pink, and even an adorable bracelet.  Her button nose and perfectly placed hands truly give me life!


Newborn Photography Pricing | How Much in Houston?

 katy newborn photographer

Pricing for newborn packages at my studio is completely transparent and easy to understand. For example, my wrapped newborn mini session, seen below, with precious Peyton is $400 + tax and this includes one rate such as time, talent, retainer, session design, retouching, full access to my props, and of course a digital gallery you may treasure forever. I also set my portrait business aside by providing you with an incredible list of reputable consumer labs you may utilize. Modern, fresh, and digital-based images you may print as many times as you like, as many years from now. I even spend time sharing three free cloud storage companies with you so you may safely archive your images. I also like to go above and beyond by providing you with wall art groupings so you can see what images look like on the walls in a variety of sizing. I pride myself on offering amazing customer service. 

Wrapped Mini Session with Raahem 

 newborn photography packages in houston

Raahem visited my studio at 14 days fresh and new. The wrapped newborn mini session includes 30 minutes of time and talent, 3 styles of unique and cozy wrapping, as well as three rustic and vintage floor props that perfectly reflect timeless, vintage, and classic images. Styling elements like custom and handcrafted props as well as gorgeous textiles create texture, interest, and are part of being a top-rated portrait artist. For his session, we used many different colors, however, this deep, charcoal grey is a favorite of mine because it's simply so classic and compliments his skin perfectly. During our session, he slept wonderfully for me and his parents are truly amazing clients as they followed their prep guide.

 newborn photography cypress tx

Bannon's parents were the perfect fit for the wrapped mini, too! Located near Cypress, my Houston Newborn Portrait Studio has everything you need for an amazing baby experience! The studio is located near Barker Cypress/290 and takes newborn appointments 7 days per week. Bannon's mama requested all things muted, soft, and neutral with several different types of texture. He is wrapped in a cozy, precious style and slept perfectly for me! I adore his gallery and know his parents will treasure these images forever.

Luke's Bean Bag Mini Session | 7 days old

Precious Luke's parents booked a bean bag mini. These have the option to add family photos, but there's no obligation. All styling and props are provided. He is truly a handsome little fella with a gorgeous set of features and stunning wisps of hair. 

 best posed newborn photographer 
 houston newborn photography mini session

Maya, moreover, is a dainty little lass who's parents also reserved a bean bag mini on the calendar. Purple, plums, and violet complimented her skin tone perfectly; paired with lace and petite headbands, her session is timeless! The 'bean bag mini' is $450 + tax and includes 8 digital files of your choice along with released printing rights. Images are full resolution.

Growing Baby Bump | Soon to arrive

Tish & Michael are my favorite pregnancy clients from July 2018. They are sweet as can be and also visited in August for their posed newborn session of their little girl, Olivia James. Their session took place in Cypress, Texas and has the most lovely evening light! I wish this incredible couple all the happiness in the world. In fact, they were referred to me by one of my favorite long time clients who are on their second baby plan membership with me.

 houston maternity photographer

Little Sitter Photography | Baby Milestones

 baby milestone packages

Little sitter sessions are my favorite next to newborn portraits! These sessions take place when your baby is around 6-8 months old; this is when they're sitting up unassisted but not yet walking. Ethan is a favorite from July! Not only was he super happy and sweet, but he is absolutely breathtaking and a complete joy to photograph! His session took place at sunset outdoors, but these are also available in the studio. Check out the new milestone packages plus the type of outfits I keep on hand for your baby. Ethan has gorgeous red hair, sparkling blue eyes, and chubby cheeks! The green grass is the perfect backdrop against his features. Wooden crates, seen here, are part of my timeless styling and props I keep on hand.

Babies First Year Photography

Many of my newborn clients turn into baby plan clients in which we photograph babies first year of life. These are often in studio, but as mentioned above, may also be outdoors, like Ethan's Little Sitter session. If you're curious about booking a session for your 3-12 month old baby, here's everything you need to know about first year of life images.

 baby milestone photography houston
 babies first year photography

Grayson, Colt, and my *own* Baby Boy Jack are featured sessions because they're all so dapper and cute! See more highlights from Jack's session, especially, and see why I am completely obsessed with him, ha!

 milestone photography packages

Favorite Newborns from the 'full' and 'petite' packages

 newborn photography cypress tx

The 'petite' and 'full' newborn packages are designed for parents seeking tons of variety in their session! We showcase all things newborn along with parent images, as well as sibling and family if you would like these, too.  Everything is provided for your session such as all the props, hats, bonnets, etc. Just bring your baby and diaper bag, ha!

 newborn photography spring tx

Layla's froggy pose is a favorite of mine and the pink and cream color scheme are just super girly and feminine! The froggy pose is a composite so we use top safety techniques to ensure baby is never truly holding their head up.

Robert is an amazing big brother! His parents visited for a 'full' newborn session which includes family and siblin setsup, too! Check out why he is the Best Big Brother

 newborn photography katy

Isabella is perfectly petite with a lovely color scheme featuring blush and gold. I photographed her cousin just a few days after she arrived so I'l be featuring them on the blog soon and how to use your nursery colors as newborn inspiration.

 newborn photography sugar land
 the woodlands tx newborn photography

Bucket poses are by far my favorite part of the newborn session! I love creating gorgeous pieces and perfectly posing the precious, brand new baby inside of the prop.  The bucket is a favorite, too, because I found it at an antique store. The rustic texture against a darling baby girl makes my heart sing. If you're a photographer or parent who is interested in how we pose newborns in these props, see tips on how I rock my bucket poses. While you're here, check out her Aunt and Uncle who's maternity session is showcased, too. I love referrals and it's the biggest compliment when you share my work with your loved ones. 

 photographers cypress texas

Newborn Sessions Available to NICU Babies | Flexible Scheduling

 houston baby photography

Handsome baby boy Ian arrived several weeks early and spent time in the NICU. His beautiful mother sent me the sweetest e-mail and I am absolutely happy to offer flexible scheduling to all my inquiries. There are Options for Babies who Missed the 14 day time frame for preferred scheduling. When Ian visited, we did a wrapped newborn mini session, which is the perfect cozy zollution to keep Baby content.

Moreover, Ian's parents told me they love the color red and it's promimenent within their home. I made sure to pull this rich, vibrant tone to ensure the images look amazing in their home!

 best newborn photography in houston

Macro images make for a very special gallery. You see, these are the up close details of your baby's characteristics. Some people say newborns look alike but I disagree; each little one has their own profile and distinct set of features that make them who they are.

 spring tx newborn photographer

Newborn Wrapping | Bundles of Joy 

Potato sack pose is *probably* my favorite style of newborn wrapping! Naomi is a baby plan membership client, so I'll be seeing her for her first year of life. You may be interested in seeing 14 babies who also rocked their potato sack pose, which is a unique part of newborn wrapping. In fact, Naomi's sweet parents are the featured maternity session of June showcasing how to rock three looks in one session efficiently. 

 houston newborn photography 

Sibling of the month | Kayden

 newborn photography with sibling

Kayden is the best big brother in town it seems! He proudly helps brother, Cooper, so sweetly and was a big helper for our time together in the studio! He was eager to assist, gentle as can be, and has a beautiful spirit. What lucks parents: two precious boys!


As always, friends, thank you for stopping by the blog to see my favorite sessions from July 2018. It's been a great year and I cannot believe we're already in August, wow! Say tuned for more fun topics coming up next week

Sarah Borchgrevink Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer specializing in gorgeous posed newborn sessions. Her studio is located in Northwest Harris County. In addition to breathtaking baby portraiture, Sarah also offers stylish natural light family photography as well as dynamic outdoor maternity sessions for expecting mothers and couples. Sarah joyfully serves the entire Harris and Montgomery county areas including Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Memorial & West Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, West University and Rice Village.