Making the Most of Your DSLR: Now Offering Mentoring Courses and Small Group Classes | Sarah Borchgrevink Photography

A few general details about courses:

  • These are held by appointment only and are offered year around, 7 days a week
  • I am accepting one on one mentoring and small groups
  • Courses are based off the thousands of hours and dollars I have spent on learning this trade 
  • Courses are designed for each student based on your needs and goals
  • Learn to create dynamic and powerful images through proper technique, light, and getting it "right" in camera
  • Available to eager beginners to advanced hobbyists 
  • Courses are $100 per lesson and are 60 - 90 minutes long, held in your home or on location
  • Package bundle rates are available for those seeking multiple lessons

Like many of you who may be reading this, I am a mother. My children are the greatest loves in my life. I’m also a photographer, and this all-consuming love for my little ones is what sparked my interest in photography. You bring this tiny bundle home from the hospital; the dust settles and you see what unconditional love truly is. Suddenly you understand how fleeting time can be and this is no longer a phrase you hear tossed about. You blink and that bundle is now an almighty and tyrannical toddler. You close your eyes for a brief second and they’re getting on the bus to go to kindergarten. Each milestone happens quicker than the last. You feel this every day and see a change in who they are as they enter the world.

Such is life.

Because of this, I document my children’s childhood often. These are informal moments from them running through the hose, riding their bike, feeling the sunshine upon their face, splashing in the kitchen sink, or perhaps reading a book. I document their little toes and eyelashes; the curl of my middle child’s hair, or the sheer joy that radiates from my eldest when we bake cookies together. These are sacred moments and there will be a time when you fondly hold these images and they connect you to your past; a tangible thread in time which resonates within your soul – the heart of motherhood.

You may have noticed I also share many of my images on social media such as my blog or Facebook. Many times friends or acquaintances will ask me questions about settings on their camera or how I use my camera. This is my trade and I have spent years learning; while I always will be learning and moving forward, sharing my knowledge is something I’d like to do.

As of 2016, I am offering one on one mentoring and photography courses for either budding hobbyists or perhaps those who would like to learn their DSLR cameras. I'm particularly interested in working with fellow moms (or dads)  who  need some help in making the most of their DSLR. Nearly everyone has one. I want to help you capture joy; I want you to document your own fleeting moments and embrace your kiddos being little. The unrehearsed aspect of life is what lingers – this is what tells our story.

Classes  are one on one or small groups, such as if you or a friend would like to get together. Parents could also learn at the same time. Courses cover basic composition and teaching you how to make the most of your DSLR. You achieve this by finding the light, learning to track a moving subject, and the correct settings that result in properly exposing, metering and basic camera foundations such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed. This can also help you leave "auto" and enter "manual" so you have full control of your images and can have the best possible quality. I’d also be happy to help you with light processing and directing you to the proper labs to ensure you print you images.

If you'd like to chat about a booking an appointment please feel free to fill out my contact form and I'll be in touch shortly!

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Located in Cypress, a suburb of Northwest Houston TX, Sarah Borchgrevink captures natural light portrait photography. She currently documents the custom art of newbornmaternityfamily and children/babies milestones. Investment for professional services begins at $230.00 and includes high resolution digital files, released printing rights, social media sized copies for sharing with family and friends, and impeccable heirloom products to purchase. If you're curious about the experience with Sarah, browse reviews, too.  Please contact Sarah or connect via Facebook for more information.