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Happy Friday, everyone! If you follow my blog, you may know I have three little girls named Emma, Lucy and Amelia. I often document their daily lives because their childhood is sacred; these are the "in between" moments that do not seem important now but as they grow, these are the things I'll miss. 

In between moments. These are the slight actions suspended in time; little crumbs that have fallen behind the couch and are forgotten yet beg to be preserved. I am constantly inspired by my kiddos. Their laughter, the joy of them running down the hallway; dancing in the living room to Taylor Swift or the pitter patter of a chair as they climb onto the counter to help cook. In motherhood, there is this constant internal battle; on one hand you want your baby to remain small. However, on the other hand you cannot wait to see what they'll accomplish. You cheer them on as they discover new things and change. Everyday is something new. She's grown since you've seen her splashing in the hose

I try to keep a balance in which I preserve the everyday and celebrate the milestones. I do this through my photography and tend to lean towards a more lifestyle or even documentary style with my own kiddos. Here are some moments from the little ones and their week. I hope you enjoy viewing! 

Lucy is now 19 months old and is an ever so purposeful toddler. She is the quintessential toddler in the sense where she is a little clumsy but very curious. She's still figuring out balance, too. We've been having so much fun with her simply because life is new and exciting to her. She has a beautiful spirit; she's carefree but also very spirited and a woman who knows what she wants. I love this about her - the tender aspect of her heart and how she's developing empathy.

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On Wednesday night, we spent the evening playing outside. The weather has been fantastic lately; the upper 70's with clear skies! 

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On Tuesday morning, the hubby was out running errands and Amelia (our 9 week old) was sleeping so I took advantage of a little free time and grabbed my DSLR while Lucy played. She has a pink tent that's a favorite of hers. She loves reading books or playing hide and seek in here. I can't be the only Mama who sticks a random vacuum cleaning in the corner, either? Haha!

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Lucy's favorite past time is looking at books. I have a book shelf dedicated just to her; as you can see it's not exactly organized but it's hers and it's at eye level so she can select whatever piques her interest. 

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I love her chubby fingers! This is one of my favorite aspects of toddler-hood; their sweet little fingers and toes and how they're on the edge of babyhood but they're not quite a child yet.

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Lucy has also developed a "squawk" lately. I'm not sure where it's come from, but she'll just look at you and squawk. It's usually a preliminary warning that you're in her personal space.

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She also loves to hang out on my bed. "Getting down" and "up" are a new milestone for her.

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This blog post is *mostly* about Lucy, but while Lucy was napping I also took a few quick shots of Amelia (our 9 week old) as she slept. There is something peaceful about a sleeping baby. The light fills the room and her lips, eyelashes and nose simply beg to be photographed. Amelia has grown so much since her newborn session, too. The weeks are flying by! 

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Ahhh! My heart melts when I see her little tufts of hair!

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Eventually, I took so many photos Amelia woke up. Biiiiiiiiiig stretch. 

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And of course, since I included a few photos of Amelia I must show some of Emma. This week she was not really interested in taking photos. That's totally okay, too. I don't like to force them into anything because it removes the organic feel that is the pureness of capturing the little ones as they are. If you'd like to see Emma's last post and her afternoon of dress up, click on over here.

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Thanks for viewing! I hope you enjoyed our humble little life and maybe this will inspire you to photograph your own little ones and their in between moments. If you're ever curious about my mentoring photography course that is custom designed to fit the needs or parents, view this post or here to see how to embrace the spirit of your little ones and celebrate them being little.

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