Your Bundle of Joy

What makes the wrapped session special?

This session is specifically designed for parents who want a smaller option of stunning baby images!

This session is also special because it caters to those adorable, cozy, and unique styles of baby wrapping, which showcase baby as a perfect little package. The babies love to be wrapped because it mimics the womb, making them feel safe. Moreover, this session is just 60 minutes long.

Finally: wrapped images of your baby means if you missed the traditional 14 day time frame for scheduling their session, have no worries: this option is available up to 40 days old, which is over three weeks longer than the typical industry standard of 14 days or newer. Parents deserve to have stunning images of their newest arrival with flexibility.

Baby is wrapped for the entire session

Here is a sample gallery of what you may expect during a wrapped newborn session. Mia visited my studio when she was just over three weeks old; this session is perfect for older babies who missed the traditional two week scheduling period. Her session features a vintage-inspired newborn bed, circular oak basket, pink bucket, and many gorgeous macro images, which are the up close details of baby's toes, hands, lips, profile, etc. You'll find a unique color scheme featuring green, turquoise, aqua, neutrals, and of course pink! There are (3) styles of wrapping. 

Option to add family, sibling, or parent images

A $200 upgrade includes family, parent, and sibling images, an additional 6 edited images and 30 more minutes of time and talent. This session is available to babies up to 40 days new, with 5-9 days being the optimal time to schedule. The slide show below is an example of what you may expect if you choose to add this to your baby's session. Baby is also wrapped for family photos, too.

“Sarah is an absolute gem! Her photos have a very distinctive style that sets them apart. The pictures are so wonderfully tranquil and whimsical they almost can't be real! But just wait until you see her in person weaving her magic. What you're getting here is not just an photographer, but an incredibly caring mom of 4 who understands how precious your baby is to you and knows exactly how to care for and pose a newborn. She is a certified baby magician. Seriously! You won't be disappointed spending your time and money with her! Sarah thanks so much for capturing this special time for me and my family and we hope to see you again in the future for more precious moments!”

Three styles of unique baby wrapping

Here are the styles of baby wrapping you may expect; your session will include three customized setups featuring the type of styling you see below along with macro images, which are the up close, precious details of your little one’s features.

(1) Tootsie wrap 

Ten sweet toes are displayed during this style of newborn baby wrapping. This is also a great wrap to include macro images of your little one, which are those adorable, tiny details such as their perfect little toes! 

newborn photography cypress texas
newborn toes macro image

(2) Potato sack pose 

The second style of wrapping you may expect in your baby's session is potato sack, which is perfectly adorable as it displays baby as the perfect round little ball. Babies love being wrapped and they look so cozy!

newborn photography houston

(3) Cradle wrap

This style mimics the way a newborn would be placed in a cradle, hence the name.

best houston newborn photography

You’ll also find baby in a bucket

For each and every newborn baby who visits my studio space, I pull a bucket (I have several in many colors and sizes) and we always do a bucket setup because what is more precious than a darling little one posed where you can see those chubby cheeks and tiny fingers?

newborn photography katy tx

Buckets, bowls, crates, and more | floor props

You will see a different style of wrapping in each floor prop. If there is a certain floor prop you've seen in my portfolio, you're welcome to request an item. You will receive a detailed styling questionnaire in which we'll chat about your favorite colors, props, and even accessories you'd like to see in your baby's session, such as headbands or adorable bonnets showcasing their precious, chubby cheeks!

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newborn photography cypress texas
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houston newborn photographers

image selections | Private Proofing Gallery

Two weeks after your appointment, you receive a private proofing gallery of retouched images you may view from the comfort of your own home. Your session type comes with the number of digital files in your package. You may immediately download, share, and enjoy your images. They may be printed as large, or small, as you would like infinitely. A list of 4 great labs is also provided so you may print your own albums, books, prints, canvas, and other display items.

Parent Testimonials | Happiest Clients in Houston

“I did the wrapped newborn mini session with Sarah and would highly recommend her as a photographer. When I was an expectant mom and first reached out to her she was very prompt, friendly, and wanted to make sure she answered any questions I had. Then once baby arrived we scheduled a date for the photo session. She made the whole process so easy and stress free, which is a lifesaver for an expectant / new mom. Sarah even provided a guide on how to prep baby for photo day and it really worked, my little one slept through the whole session and the photos came out absolutely gorgeous! Sarah definitely seems like she has a passion for what she does and is very good at it!” -Allison


  • 60 minutes of photographer's time & talent + full styling and props

  • 3 customized setups for Baby in which Baby is wrapped in three different styles along with macro images, which are the up-close, detailed images of Baby.

  • Your choice of 12 non-watermarked retouched, full resolution images available for instant download plus black/white conversion edits making for a total of 24 images. License for unlimited printing and lab recommendations. This proofing gallery yields 25 images from which you select your favorites. There is the option to upgrade to the entire gallery or additional digital images.

  • Option to add family, sibling, or family setups for an additional $200; includes 30 more minutes of coverage + 6 more full resolution digital images of your choice.

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