Showcasing squishy, curly, and adorable naked posing

houston newborn baby photography


  • 60 minutes of photographer's time & talent + full styling and props

  • Your choice of 12 non-watermarked retouched, full resolution images available for instant download + black/white conversion edits making for a total of 24 images.

  • Private online proofing gallery featuring top edited images from your session, released printing rights, and lab recommendations.

  • Option to add further digital files to your package

The 'bean bag newborn session' is a newborn session only and baby is naked for the entire session. Baby is posed in a variety of squishy, naked posing on one backdrop color of your choice. Accessories such as bonnets, hats, and headbands are also included. This session is available to babies up to 24 days old, with 5-9 days being the optimal time to schedule. This is a shorter catering to parents who would like a small set of photos in which baby is posed in the squishy, curly naked bean bag posing.

This session is a great fit for you if:

The 'bean bag’ is a classic, timeless, and breathtaking set of images showcasing the brand new, curly nature of a recently arrived cherub. There are 6 main newborn poses in the world of fine art baby portraiture and this session showcases poses such as froggy pose, the chin in hands pose, tooshie or bum up, side sleeper, womb, forward facing, and cradle. If you'd like just a handful of images, this is the perfect fit for you. There is the option to add parent, sibling, or family images for $200, but there is no obligation to do so.

This session is designed for parents wanting a smaller set of photos showcasing all things pure newborn. If you prefer naked bean bag posing to wrapped images, than this is great option for you.

If you would like more variety and a larger set of images, I recommend considering the 'petite' or 'full' session, which is listed on the pricing guide.

Styling and Posing You May Expect:

A backdrop color of your choice is provided along with accessories to style baby, such as handcrafted headbands, seen below. In this particular session, this darling baby girl visited the studio at 7 days new. Her parents requested neutrals such as a soft peach with also accents of cream and ivory. The poses seen below are 'froggy', in which baby appears to be holding up their head, timber, cradle, bum up, also known as the tooshie pose, womb, which is sometimes also called taco, followed by side sleeper, and then even a macro image of baby's profile. 

Second Sample Gallery | Bean Bag session

This sweet cherub baby girl visited the studio when she was just over 6 days fresh. She weighs 6 pounds and has the most darling head full of gorgeous brown hair! She slept beautifully for me. Her parents asked for a very girly and feminine session featuring lilac, lavender, and muted purple colors to compliment her skin tone. For this session, she is posed in taco, back to sleep, bum up, froggy, and side sleeper. There are precious macro images, too, of her face, in which you may see the adorable features like her button nose, lips, eyelashes, and chubby little cheeks!

image selections | Private Proofing Gallery

Two weeks after your appointment, you receive a private proofing gallery of retouched images you may view from the comfort of your own home. The number of images you see is listed in the package type you select. Your session type comes with the number of digital files in your package. After you select your favorite images, a new gallery is prepared so you may immediately download, share, and enjoy your images for years to come. They may be printed as large, or small, as you would like infinitely. A great list of 4 consumer labs is also made available to you along with unique yet classic wall art groupings to get you started for inspiration.

Option to add family, sibling, or parent images

A $200 upgrade includes family, parent, and sibling images, an additional 6 edited images and 30 more minutes of time and talent. This session is available to babies up to 24 days new, with 5-9 days being the optimal time to schedule.

share details about your baby or pregnancy. 

I would love to work with you and photograph your newest addition! Most mothers to be book their newborn session in the second trimester, typically after they've had their 20 week ultrasound. However, even if you're in the third trimester, or baby is already born, I still encourage you to inquire because sometimes last minute appointments open up or a baby comes early, which means an extra slot is available. 

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