The "S" extended family session {Cypress, Texas Natural Light Family Photography}

Good evening, y’all! This has been a wonderful holiday season. As some of you know, I am still new to the “professional” (I dislike that term) scene, and I am learning a great deal, absorbing, and finding what works and doesn’t work during sessions. This holiday season, I have photographed over 110 families in Cypress, Texas so let’s just say…I learned a lot! ;)

On a fun note, I am thrilled to preview the “S” family. Although I photograph quite a few families, many are not extended family sessions. One aspect that differs is there is a completely different dynamic; uncles, aunts, grandparents, small children, parents, and siblings. Although different – it is a unique dynamic all of its own. There’s more hustle and bustle for sure!

For this session, I brought the “S” family to a favorite location of mine. I am a sucker for anything rural. I truly love to showcase the environment. The weather was cloudy and overcast, but we made the best of it. As usual, I kept props to a minimum and we focused on capturing the family interacting together.

This session included lots of laughs and a laid back attitude. It’s fun to witness a family together – to see their inside jokes – what makes them unique and their own clan.

Thanks to the “S” family for coming to Cypress, TX for their fall family session! I enjoyed working with y’all!